Monday, November 2, 2009

Everyone has a Monday

Today was one of those Mondays that you bounce out of bed and everything is going great. Your precious angels arn't fighting, they are fed or in the process of eatting, getting dressed or in the process of, lunches were assembled all is well with the world. I was so joyful!! Babygirl and I decided to run our errands early so we could have more time to spend together cleaning the house and playing. Things were going well Walmart wasn't very crowded our favorite lady was in the fabric section. We tried to stop by the Thrift Shop but it wasnt open for another 30 min... to short a time to go home to long to sit and wait.... well I guess I can drive around maybe get some gas. Okay drive around and wait... it finally opens we look around.. they don't have any pants in little girl sizes.. dang it!!! However we did find some other clothes that we needed like some cute little sweaters and some dress-up clothes.SCORE!!!! We run to Home Depot and discover the most AWESOME chirstmas hat EVER!! I case you dont know we kinda collect Christmas hats.. the funny kind like the reindeer ears and such. We get what we need and head on home it's only 10:00 we now have the whole day to clean and do chores!!! I check my calendar..CRUD.. I needed to call the Dr. and get some test results to take to another dr. appt. I have this week..This was the start of the downhill slide. I call the dr... i can just stop by the office and sign some things and get my work.. okay I'll do that as soon as we finsih what we are working on. Then Mom calls  she needed me to go and pick something up and bring it to her.. Its fine i got plenty of time to go do that then go get the girls from school. CRAP lunch. okay well we'll get babygirl something on the way. run run run move it move it go go go.  okay got the stuff, get to mom's house it's now about 1:15 we talk about the creepy chester molester contractor .. i look at the clock almost 2.. GREAT just enough time to get back across town and get the girls from school. OH MY GOSH!! I FORGOT TO GO TO THE DR!!!!!! OH MY GOSH NANA HAS MY CAR RIDER NUMBER!!! ( you can NOT pick up your kids w/o one.. w/o going through the office!! ) CRAP! okay rachael it's fine just go the long way home you will be fine! It cant take that long to get paperwork. Truthfully it didn't; it just FELT that way.. especailly since babygirl had not had a nap and was starting to get a little cranky and very arugementive. I now had to race across Madison before my child realised that mommy wasn't there in car rider line, I finnaly get to the school in just enough for her to ball me out for not letting her being a car rider. GREAT! Now I have to sit in front of the school with two crabby little girls in a tiny van that is getting smaller with every passing miniute. Thank Goodness when eldest FINALLY got out of the group and we were able to get home and I could kick EVERYONE outside and finally sit down and breathe!!
It's one of those days you wonder how you ended up in this life.:) Book Fair tomorrow!!!

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