Tuesday, October 9, 2012

11 months... sigh...

Happy 11th month anniversary! You are growing so much! You now have four teeth and a 5th almost in. You can crawl faster the the speed of light.. Or it at least feels that way sometimes! Right now your favorite thing to do is pull down everything you can get your hands on. You want to see EVERYTHING. Your favorite thing to play with is a roll of toilet paper. I know, i know.. it's crazy and I don't know why but it is. You can stand for long periods of time but don't really show an intrest in walking, but that doesn't surprise me since you have three "Grrs" to do your bidding. You decided MA-MA is more than just a sound and you call for me sometimes. We do lots of field trips to the park to play.
 Last week we went to the science center with one of your sisters. You had so much fun climbing in and on things. They had a splash pool area that was just your size and when you saw it had duckies you were sooo happy. You are finally taking ( or letting us give you) baths again. For the last month or so you have been getting baths in the sink because the tub scared you to much.  You eat just about anything you can get your hands on. This weekend you had ribs for the first time. Those ribs were just the right size for carrying around and teething on. You have mastered feeding your "DA" both dropping food out of the high chair for her and feeding her ABC food out of your hands. So right now you are one of her favorite people. You like it when she comes up and licks you. You sleep in your own room now. Which makes mommy remember her little baby is growing up. Soon it will be Halloween, You are dressing up like Rory from Dr. Who. It was " GRRs" choice not mine. Then soon after that your baptism and your FIRST BIRTHDAY!! It's going to be a fun few weeks for you little man! Mommy loves you so much!