Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bike rides, babies, and books

Yesterday babygirl and I got a little restless to get out in the beautiful day and have a picnic. So I got the bright idea to load up her trike and her baby (the puppy Indiana) and a picnic lunch and head to the walking park that we frequent in the spring and fall. Once the weather is just perfect. We drove around the corner and oh my goodness they have changed our simple little creek walk into a park!! There was a playground, picnic shelters and frisbee golf it was amazing! I couldn't have been more than 3 months since we had been there!! Well babygirl was sooo excited that she could actually ride her bike here like a big girl and went zooming off to our favorite spot. It's right by the creek in an area where the water is just shallow enough to wade and look for frogs and minnows. She would ride a little then call to her baby to come and run beside her. Indiana who has never been for a walk in the park before was just as excited as babygirl all the new sights and sounds!! She had to stop and smell them all. We got to our spot first thing babygirl did was take off her shoes and call Indiana to come wading with her. they splashed and threw rocks and the areas mommy hoped wouldn't have snakes. Once they got bored we sat down and started eatting our special lunch. Babygirl decided to share some of her's with Indie (who looked hungry) and she broke off a peice.. well indie being a dog took half her sandwhich instead. babygirl fell over laughing. It was a great time. Soon it was over and we had to go to the book fair at Sister's school. We drop baby off back at the house and turned around to head for the school. We sign in and head into the library as we look around I see a few familar OLDER faces and realize we are there the sam time Eldest's class!! I whisper to babygirl that this was sissy's class go see if you can find her. Eldest was leaning down helping a friend find a book..babygirl walked very quietly and stood beside her waiting to be noticed. Eldest looked down then got this confused look on her face as to say who are you then she realised it was her sister and she said where is mommy and started looking around laughing. It was great! We all got a ton of new books which are always an awesome thing.Sometimes its hard to remember that its the little things that make us the happiest.

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