Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indians and such

Today was Eldest and middlest's special Thanksgiving lunch at their school. Baby girl found out the
Kindergartners were going to be dressing us as Indians so she dressed up too. In her little house on the prarie outfit. VERY CUTE! She and Middlest has so much fun eatting together. It was sooo sweet. Then we went back to her class and they sang all the parents some Turkey songs. Daddy went to Eldest's lunch since babygirl and I had to head  to work. We had a very important job today. I was babysitting our bestest bud today. It was great! Everytime the girls started getting a little crazy I gave them a new project to do. We made turkey's, stars AND decorated the Christmas tree in the shop. They were VERY well behaved. AND I got ideas for an AWESOME addition to the stars we had been working on. When bestest's mommy got back she and I got down to bussiness making newer and cooler stars. I sooo wish I had not forgotten my camera at the store. So sorry no pictures today but maybe in a few days when I head back up that way.

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