Monday, June 28, 2010

Basic Grey Origins card set

Our scrapbook store friend is sending cards overseas to the soldiers to mail back to family.
So we asked Big Daddy to help and we knocked out a bunch of card this evening.. we had so much fun and got to stay up very late. Mommy hopes we will sleep in hahahhahahahahah does she not know us?!

Fathers Day layouts

A scrapbook friend is doing a fathers day layout for her store... of course the girls could not resist.
These are what the made.. some with mommy's help some without...
Riley made with mommys help
Riley by herself

Riley (catching a theme)


Rose and mommy ( rose said she loved uncle Oregon so he gets fathers day too)

Mommy and Randi

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mother VS. Friend

Well apparently Eldest thinks of me as one of her best friends.. well kinda like a friend who is a mom.. you're like the cool mommy. Woohoo.
I am concrened
   First: Does this mean i'm to friendly with my children and not MOTHER enough? Like do I let them get away with to much?? I mean I know to some extent they are spoiled but..  they aren't bratty or anything like that, just over hugged.
   Second: I dont know... Im just worried that this si going to turn into the will you buy me beer situation.
  I know that Eldest and I have an odd situation being that I am her Bonus mom but she lives us most of the time. I think this is probably a good thing though for her and I. She is respectful and well mannered, sharp, helpful and all that stuff you'd like a daughter to be. But she is still fiesty a trait we encourage up to a point. I go to bat for her over certian things that she might be to shy to ask permission for. I am glad she see's me as a friend yet still an authority figgure.. Maybe the biggest part is that I make to encourage her relationship with Mrs. Ducky and she knows now (being old enough to notice) that I know im not her mommy and i am not trying to be. There are a lot of maybes.
The biggest thing I worry about though is are we skirting a border??? COULD this turn into a beer and tatoo thing??? Would I not see that coming until it's to late? Was this all because I let the girls have a biscut fight?? Or a sprinkle fight??? Or stay up late watching NCIS??  OR does this make me a good mom for worrying about being to much a friend and not enough MOTHER???  Will explaining that, her thinking of me as a friend but still a mom isn't always a good thing because im not her friend be enough??  Or in eldest's own way is she trying to say.. i love you very much??
Someone send help.
Eldests MEME

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The girls were sturrgling to think of an outside game to play with daddy other than sqirting eachother with the hose ( or me spending HOURS tieing water balloons and getting blisters) Suddenly inspiration hit!
Who has TONS of socks mismatched socks? Or Holey Socks?
 WE DO!!!
Who has tons of saftey pins Or Knows how to sew?
WE DO!!!
So we rolled the socks into balls Every knows how to do that right?
Then sew or safety pin the top and bottom ( so they don't unroll)
Allow to soak in water for at least 30 min ( so they can get good and soaked)
and have fun beaning your kids i mean give them to your kids to they can bean eachother.
( sorry no pictures )

Family Days

It has been a busy weekend Here in the Crazy house.. and an unpredictable one.. It started with Fathers Day Dinner for Pookie Boo. Eldest made pookie boo's favorite cake GERMAN CHOCOLATE and then helped him make Hamburgers for our special fathers day dinner. The younger girls helped by swimming in thier pool and staying out of the way :). We made plans with Big Daddys family to meet them in Hayden Saturday afternoon. We decided to get an early start and go to a friends scrapbook store.. SCRAPIN KATS. Big Daddys's parents called and it was going to be a few hours after we had planned on meeting so we decided to go to Ave Maria Grotto Big Daddy and I had heard about it but never been so we decided what the hay...
It was so amazing!! This man , Monk ( im not sure what the actuall term would be) made these from supplies he had on hand. It was very neat and soo much more than we expected!
Then we needed to head on toward Hayden.. we took a back way and showed the girls where their Great Grandmother lived before she moved in with Big Daddy's parents. Since we were headed to the cemetary we let the girls hop out of the car and pick some flowers to lay on thier Great Grandparents grave. It was so sweet. It was a decoration day for the Hallmark family. a day that they all get the "siblings" together and decorate the grave then go out for dinner and spend time together with family.

We really enjoy getting to catch up with everyone and this time was no diffrent.. the girls had so much fun at dinner. they DEFINATLLY got their share of lovins.
Then today we woke up early and went fishing with daddy... this lasted all of about 10 min. Middlest took a tumble into the lake walking out to fish, she lost her shoe, dropped her fishing pole AND got into seeweed before she announced very loudly SHE HATED THIS. BigGwrl soon followed. They had so much fun swimming while Daddy and Eldest fished. Then when Eldest was finished fishing they decided to have sea weed fights. Did I mention everyone was fully dressed? They all had so much fun. It was a perfect morning. This afternoon the girls cleaned the house and cooked Fajitas for thier daddy and showed him how much they loved him. I made him a embroidered thingy ( im not sure what you would call it? Wall hanging maybe) The girls bought and colored aprons ( which ended up to be little kid ones ((so they were for them to help him cook))) and Eldest colored him a visor. They also bought him a suger free chocolate pie!! He has been well spoiled this week.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snake or.....

Yesterday I walked into my moms sunroom and noticed that one of her cat's had thrown up on the table. (gross i know but it gets worse) it was this long squigly line of cat barf. I decided just to leave it there until one of the kids came back inside ( cause isn't that what they are good for ??) Then about 15 min later mom is taking about the cats having hair balls and I mention the cat throw up and how one of the girls would get it when they came in. We went back to what we were doing her reading me sewing... i look up to see BigGwrl playing with stuff on the pool table... there were toys on the table.. then i hear snake.. is that a snake.. and i look up just as she is reaching out to touch.. I yell BIGGWRL NO!!! THATS CAT BARF!! she stops hand still extended .. turns her hand over and goes.. not a snake? I say no CAT BARF.. she looks at her hand and goes not a snake cat barf... RIGHT baby CAT BARF... then she looks back at her hand and says I fink I should wash my hands huh?? Yes.. babe.. So then she runs into the bathroom and I can hear her talking to herself.. YUCK. Silly BIGGWRL that was Cat Barf not a snake CAT BARF!! SILLY BIGGWRL!

Thank you for your time... you can shiver in horror now

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cherry Strudel pie ( from scratch)

Doesn't that look like a big pile of.... yummy-ness ??
Though Eldest and I made this pie FROM SCRATCH she deemed it poo-poo pie
because it looks like someone scooped up dog poo and put it in our beautiful pie crust.
This is in actuallity Cherry Strudel pie. ( We didn't realize the recipe we chose only made 1 crust)
This is the first pie crust that we've actually made from scratch and actually got baked. We were sooo excited that or pie was actually edible and yummy!! We are so proud of ourselves!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olive oil bread 1st and 2nd try

So I tried making Rosemary Olive oil bread today.  It was sooo bad!! We followed the recipie to a T the first time. The batch was dry and salty we could barley knead it. So we went ahead and let it rise but made a second batch adding extra water and extra olive oil. Even after the addition of an extra cup of water and 4 tbsp olive oil it was still dry. So we just called it and let it rise. They rose very well. punched each down and allowed to rise. They turned from to dry to to wet!! THEN we baked... the first batch tasted salty and very much like Irish Soda bread... not at all like rosemary and olive oil. So the second we laided out and baked like a foccia with extra oil and rosemary. It tasted much better this way more like a giant crouton :) So on to a new recipe!! Tomorrow its going to be apricot muffins and Buttermilk pie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What would the world be with out Engineers

Communication Engineers

Computer Engineer
Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Electronics Engineer

Aeronautical Engineer

Sunday, June 13, 2010

days 8-10

I dont even know what day it is :) ahahha I'm just going to do a wrap up.
Kansas City: day 8 We went to Barnes and Noble and got new books a Mo Willems book and a Berestien bears book and the Little Red Hen ( in anticipation of going to Kansas) we played with our cousin Ashley and went to Olive Garden with her THEN we went swimmy at the Hotel pool!!!!  The next morning we packed up and drove to Kansas.
day 9:
My Godmother Linda lives near the Kansas Ok border in a big PURPLE house. We LOVE her! Her house is soo amazing!
A whole side is almost completely windows!!
While there we went to a neighbors and saw chickens and brand new baby chicks!!!

We drove a tractor.
don't worry T they were going like -2 mph
We picked wheat. (like the Little Red Hen)

We ground the wheat berries... and when the wheat comes in and Linda sends us some we will make bread!!

and we got to see a tractor up close and personal

And then mommy got into Chiggers. Badly.
Then we came home.
The End

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Days 6 and 7

We are in Kansas City visiting with my Grandfather these past few days. Normally we try to fit in at least a few historical / educational sights. So far though we have been resting and visiting.

The girls have been coming to see thier Great Grandfather... (Grand dad) at least once a year since they've been born. They absolutly love him and as you can see that is mutual. He discovered thier love for Musicals and has been shamelessly indulgent (but great grand dads are allowed). Yesterday was OKALAHOMA! Which if you have met my kids you know that is their favorite. They sang all the songs for him and even showed him how they ballroom dance. Today he got to spend some time alone with them and they watched SOUTH PACIFIC. The girls are in the bath right now singing "gonna wash that man right outta my hair". :)
This morning we took a short tour of Grandview Mo. and visitied an old friend of my mothers. The girls had so much fun!!! Gwamma's friend had soooo many toys to play with!!! Then since mommy (me) needed to do some laundry they girls got to go WITHOUT mommy to see Grand dad!!! This was the highlight until they found out tomorrow thier cousin was coming over for dinner and then to swim!!!!!! THEN we all went to Red lobster for supper. They were in 7th heaven!!!
Now of course it's bedtime and I am back to being thier LEAST favorite person!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5

Today has been a long, hot, busy day. I am exhausted. I took lots of pictures and FINALLY uploaded them on to the computer so today will be mostly those. (sorry)
First stop: the old State building where we took pics with Honest Abe.

then to Oak Ridge
Cemetary.. to visit family and Rub Lincoln's nose and visit his tomb

We visited our past.

Then drove to Hannible Mo. To see Mark Twain's home and where he wrote Tom Sawyer...
The girls got Huckleberry Ice cream!!!

We got to walk right up to the Mighty Mississippi!

We went to Becky Thatcher (unless you are my kids who insist its Becky BAtcher) house!

We got to pretend we were white washing the fence!!!
Then we drove ACROSS Missouri to Kansas City (Blue Springs) where we will spend a few days visiting with my Grand dad and then ... well who knows :)

Day 4

Day # 4

We had a rough night last night so we just took it easy this morning.

We hit up the local walmart for some yummy poweded sugar doughnuts

cause who can pass those up?

Then we hit the local park and let the girls run and play for an hour or so,


We then headed to my great Aunt and Uncles house. We had soo much fun!

We enjoyed getting to spend time with family that we hadn't seen in a long time.

After supper we headed to Springfield Il.  (updated: I forgot when i wrote this yesterday that we saw Wind Turbines!!!
. Tomorrow we will be going to the Cemetetary to visit

relatives and see where President Lincoln is "buried" and rub his nose. THEN we will head to Hannible

Mo. To see the Tom Sawyer landarks!!!! I am so excited!! The last time I went we were all young kiddos

and I was really sick so i dont remember much about it other than throwing up all over my

daddy. As for now.. i am falling asleep wirting this.

Day 3 of Gwamma's trip

Day #3

As I said earlier we had to delay our post due do weather issues.

We started our day by packing up and heading out to Allendale Ill.

for our Breen family reunion. As we drove and tried to convince our GPS

that dirt roads do not qualify as a proper road; we came to a wooden bridge.

My mother and I HATE bridges. It was sooooooooo scarey!!!

We ended up driving over two others further up the road.

These are historic landmarks. And they seemed like it. All three were built in 1906!

I got out of the car to take some pictures of the biggest and you could see the water

through the planks.

We found the reception hall where the reunion was to take place but we still had some

time to spare so we drove back to St. Francisville and went to the two cemetarys to find

old relatives. Specifically Sarah Breen. We really enjoyed reading some of the headstones. Mom

and I were able to show the girls why they are such an important part of our history.

In one of the cemetrys we noticed a van stopping at places we had stopped at so we pulled over

and discovered that they were relatives of ours in town for the reunion as well!
There was about 50 people at the reunion ( inclding Grand dad ) some had come from down the street others from places like California, Wisconsin,

Texas, and of course Alabama! :) The girls enjoyed making new friends.

After the renuion we hit the road and headed toward Morton Ill. It was a good drive, fairly uneventful. We

got to our hotel checked in and... two story hotel we were on the top floor, no elevator, no pool. That okay right?

we can deal.. so we haul everything upstairs and get settled in. and head over to Ruby Tuesday for supper

because we needed HAMBURGERS! Got our tea... strong enough to strip paint, Got our hamburgers.. mine was raw.. we back

to the room get in our jammies and they break into the programing.. tornado watch. Back into clothes.. go downstairs to see

what the emergency plan is..go up stairs get mom and the girls go downstairs, sit in a hallway because now sirens are going off

after the front clears we go back up stairs... cue the next front... go back downstairs... go back up after getting more information

then I was just to dang tired to care anymore. Mom had put the girls to bed on the floor between our beds and all three were

dead to the world so I just put the pillow over my head and passed out.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gwamma trip day # 3

Well... it has been a day.
There was wooden bridges
Sassy GPS who thinks that dirt roads are AWESOME!!
Tude-y kids
and tornados
 more later

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gwamma trip day # 2

Today was pretty much a burn off energy day for the girls before the reunion and more traveling.
We went shopping well... we tried to finTom Sawyer for the little girls since we are going to Hannibel MO. Well where we are at has NO bookstores. NONE okay like a college bookstore. So we asked around.. one lady older than me with teenagers asked me if it was a MOVIE. serious.
So we gave up and bought the audio MP3. In between all this we went to Sugar Loaf indian mound (see above) This is the short blurb about it from the local visitors center.

Two large mounds stand on the heights overlooking Vincennes to the south and about a mile apart. Originally they were named Upper Sugarloaf and Lower Sugarloaf, from their resemblance to large conical loaves of sugar used in pioneer times. The Upper Sugarloaf has been renamed Son of Tabac Mound in honor of a local Piankeshaw Indian chief. The Buffalo Trace road from Louisville passed near the mound and early travelers climbed to its top for a view - or `prospect,` as they called it - of Vincennes on the prairie below. In 1872 a 46 feet deep shaft through the center of the mound revealed layers of bone fragments, ashes and clay. In 1897 the Lower Sugarloaf, now called Pyramid Mound, was dug into.

It was supercool and the girls enjoyed running up it and then back down. After all that fun we went SWIMMY!!!! SWIMMY SWIMMY SWIMMY!!! We love swimmy time!!!
Tomorrow we will be heading to the Breen Family reunion and then on toward Morton Ill.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gwamma trip day #1

This morning after much deleberation (sp) we hit the road! For where.. well thats where it gets tricky.  We FINALLY decided to leave on Thursday instead of Friday.. However until we got half way through Kentucky We were not sure if we were going to go to St. Louis first or Allensburg Ill. *sigh* We eventually decided to go to Allensburg... or that general direction... we'll stop eventually.. right????
It was a great day!! We should have had super crappy possibly severe weather all day. I don't think we even got a sprinkle. We learned soo much about each state we went to. Middlest has learned that Abe Lincon was our 16th President, He was born in Ky. but lived in and is "allegedly" buried in Springfield Ill.
The girls were sooooo well behaved!! I dont think the girls have EVER been this well behaved on a road trip!!! I was stunned! Thier reward will be swimming most of the day tomorrow and lazing around the hotel!!!
You all have an amazingly blessed day!!