Friday, November 20, 2009


Some days baby girl is sweet and obident and other times well... i'll just say she isnt. :) Today she cried all morning to watch Ariel, so since she was a little nuts  and had already dumped out a puzzle, memory, uno and her Melissa and Doug Birthday set I went ahead and turned it on and got stuff ready to jump in the shower. Because you think a 3 1/2 year old is big enough to understand mommy is going to take a shower DO NOT GET INTO STUFF and well I needed a little baby girl break.   I got out of the shower to find she had decided to get into mommy's room and find her good makeup and play with it. All over the outside of my computer. Yep white shows all the brown eye shadow and eye liner really well. I just sighed and put her down for nap. Did I also mention she had found Eldest's stash of hershey bars and ate 4 of them??? Now mommy REALLY needed a break!! So I cleaned the mess up and went and hid in my room to try and read a chapter or two of a book.  I fell asleep. I woke up to baby girls prancing little foot steps so I come out planning on taking her outside to play since it had FINALLY warmed up.. she had gotten into the pantry and ate the girls lunch chips and had drank 3 of thier Capri Suns. I wonder why she never eats dinner now i know. This time she cleaned up her mess and sat in time out. We played some games and snuggled and waited for the bus to get home so we all could play. I went out to meet the bus while she changed into clothes (because we can't take naps in our play clothes we HAVE to wear jammies). Sigh. She colored on the wall with a wipe off marker that doesn't wipe off walls to well. So she got to clean that up as well. We were then able to go outside and finish working on mommy's bike and play THANKFULLY she can distroy all she wants to outside it's not going to matter much. haha. Daddy finally gets home and I decide to escape and get Eldest from her field trip. Daddy sends the girls in to go clean thier room. I get home all is mostly peaceful. Occasionally we get a SHE HIT ME but nothing to major. We find out why. Bedtime rolls around and they are all night gowned up and hair and teeth brushed. Daddy goes in to kiss them and I hear UH OH I think you better come in here mommy. crap. THEY COLORED ALL OVER THEIR CARPET! A 3 year old and a 5 year old!!!!!!! I was SOOO mad. We finally got them all dealt with and FINALLY got them in bed. Poor Eldest is was her Birthday and It was not going the way she had planned... as a matter of fact she had fallen asleep on the couch so no special movie tonight straight to bed. She had had a long day, she was up at 4 so she could get ready for her Montgomery field trip (had to be at the school by 5). When I say she was mad I mean we got the stomping feet and the FINE out of her which she has NEVER done.  However you could tell she needed sleep more than staying up late and there is always tomorrow. At least for her... as for her sisters I'm still not sure.

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