Tuesday, November 3, 2009

THE dream

The other morning Tim and I get up and see some sheets piled in the hallway in front of the girls bedroom. We just kind of discounted it never knowing why they do the things they do. Later that evening we tell the girls they need to pick them up and either fold them and put them in their room or the laundry room if they are dirty. Well one of our potty trained daughters says they are pee-pee sheets, She had an accident the night before. Tim and I sent the other girls to thier room to talk to this one. We ask why she didn't get up if she needed to go potty. Well she gets her story face on and starts with well I was sleeping and I had this dream... Tim and I CRACK up laughing and say okay no need to go on we know where this is going. She looks at us funny and we assure her that EVERONE has had that dream at least once in thier lives. We have ALL been suckered by that one before. Not to worry just remember if at any point in a dream you see a potty WAKE UP!! Poor child. But i think we have all been there before. mortaly embarrased by that stupid dream.

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Living the G life! said...

LOL! poor girl! Did you see my facebook status a few weeks back where I had "the dream". Thank goodness as an adult I woke up in JUST the nick of time! LOL