Sunday, November 15, 2009

my new bike

This is my new bike. A Huffy cruiser. It is AMAZING! Since trying Grumpa's Townie I have been doing research on those types of bikes. Ones that people with back and knee problems can ride. I discovered that the basic cruiser type of bikes are simpler and easier for those who can't ride any more. We have been looking around and pricing bikes and were dismayed to discover they were WAY out of our budget and that means no. If it cost that much we dont need it at all. Luckily we remembered there is a special store of us budget minded folks. Walmart!! We found a cruiser bike at Walmart for less than the other stores.. to be honest we could have bought 3 Townies for the price of my bike. I was sooo excited!! We went on a family bike ride as soon as we could. Well a girls only bike ride. Daddy followed the little girls walking Indie. I warned Eldest that I may not be able to go fast or far. She understood so we took off and ended up riding over 3 miles!! It was so amazing to acutally be able to ride again! Now this is a simple basic bike... it doesn't even have hand brakes only the baby push backward brakes and no gears but I love it! We will get to be so close in the next few months!

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