Monday, September 10, 2012

1st painting

Today Supernova and I finger painted for the first time.

I really wasn't expecting him to play with the paint much, just eat it. He really did enjoy it though. He had a blast squishing around in the paint. He did eat quite a bit but thats okay too. Once the paint dries a bit i'll peel the stickers off and we will have a painting with his name on it :).
My advice to mommies trying to do art for the first few times. Be realistic with both yourself and your baby. They may not like the feeling of whatever you are doing. You will spend a lot more time setting up and cleaning than you will actually creating. You will make a HUGE mess. It is okay to not do art with your baby. It's not for everyone and not for every baby. Strip the baby down. naked or in disposible diaper. and make sure they aren't afraid of the bath tub because your baby will look like this

Friday, September 7, 2012

10 months old

10 months 

Someone is growing into a big boy!
You are actively playing both by yourself and with others. Your favorite toy this month is the Wii remote because it has a squishy cover on it and you like to chew on it. You spent the weekend in Huntsville visiting family last week. You played peek - a -boo with everyone. You also got into to EVERYTHING. You LOVE to explore. I think you like getting into things more than anything sometimes. You got to meet your Uncle B. for the first time. I was really surprised you didn't yank on his beard. You really like your Uncle.. he gave you cake and ice cream!!  You have learned a fun game called take things out of cabinets, buckets, ect. and dump them on the floor. It makes a mess but it's an important part of your development.  You have mastered clapping and dancing. Your favorite song is the Veggie-Tales theme song and the Barney song. Your sisters and I think you need better taste in music.You can walk along furniture now and crawl up on the couch. You still only have two teeth but there is more coming. At least two others have broken through and 2 more are waiting to bust out. Your sisters started back to school and you miss them during the day,when Indiana barks it means your "girls" are home. You crawl to the back door clapping and laughing waiting for them, but when they come in they can be loud and rowdy and it kinda bothers you. You have also started asking for DADA? You go to a door bang on it and ask for him. He was gone this week and you REALLY missed him. You asked for him a lot and you would roll over in bed pat his side and say dada? dada? You are getting so big and so sweet. Mommy loves you bubby. You are up from your nap and if I don't come get you it will just ruin your whole afternoon and we don't want that! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The only one

Once again I was asked not to help with something because of the baby. People this is getting old. I am really sick of hearing don't you have someone to watch him? and You know we have child care down the hall right? Supernova is my child. Is it so unheard of that he should stay with his mother and not a stranger? I'm trying really hard right now not to be REALLY mad and hurt.. I dont want to make rash decisions. I hurt. I really do. I really wish there was some way to meet other stay at home moms around here. Although I think i've figured out why I can't find any, They just plain aren't wanted. They stay at home with thier children not going anywhere except Walmart, because Walmart wants everyone. Eldest's youth minister wrote something in this months newsletter that really struck a chord in me...
The cost of not being hospitable and loving at church is much higher than lost funds.  We are not selling a product or a service, or an entertainment that someone might want to do.  How we treat people (visitors and long-term members alike) is a direct reflection on Jesus, since we as the church are His hands and feet.  
I think that others in this church and city could learn something from him.  We are also taught to follow the "golden rule" To treat others the way we wish to be treated". I can only say after these experiances I am going to try harder to push aside my fears and be more welcoming to people I meet. Even if they are just the cashiers at Walmart ;)