Tuesday, April 26, 2011

crazy or completely brilliant

I've been meaning to post this for a while but thanks to my pregnancy brain I kept forgetting. :)

So a neighbor a few trailers up from us has his stove and a dishwasher outside by the front door.
Driving or walking past during the day I never really thought much about it. Perhaps they quit working and they just set them out there and are waiting to haul them off somewhere. Doesn't it seem like everyones appliances are breaking lately??
We went past the other evening and the husband was cooking on the stove! Now isn't that awesome!!   if my ac is broken i could sooo could see cooking outdoors.  I just never pictured it being on an electric stove.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

mommy games

BigGwrl: What did daddy make us for bweakfast?
Mommy: Cereal
Biggwrl: I don't like cereal
Mommy: *raises eye brow* we are having cereal for breakfast
BigGwrl: OHHHHH!! I get what you are playing.. no cereal no breakfast!
Mommy: it's not a game but thats the idea.
BigGwrl: I guess im not hungry

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sisterly bonding

Eldest has decided that BigGwrl should now be her barbie doll.
I heard something about spiky hair being involved.
It's not  enough that she hacked off all her hair but now she should have spiky hair.
I should be excited about them wanting to spend time bonding and playing with each
but really i'm scared.
Eldest can be a bit of an eveel genius.
There is really no telling what she might to do her little sister.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bad Hair Day

My child decided she needed a hair cut.

She looked like Billy Ray Cyrus .
im not kidding.
So we had to take her to go get her hair cut. 

She looks.. better. It's growing on me. Its cute. She was a little sad to find out it would be a LOONNGGG time before she gets braids or pigtails. 
Thats the price you pay babe. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick and easy pasta

It's no secret in this house that eldest and I love experimenting with ways to cook pasta and this is a quick mix in type recipe

Tonight we used
1/2 a package of bacon fried crispy and allowed to cool
8oz of  low fat sour cream
1 powdered vegetable mix ( for spinage dip)
1/2 a package of spaghetti (we use dreamfields)

crumble up bacon and set aside.
mix the sour cream and dip together and allow to set in the fridge while you are cooking.
start boiling your spaghetti..
drain and dump into a bowl
add 1/2 the dip and the bacon
stir together
allow to cool and serve.

Mix ins that we have used.
melted velvetta (instead of the dip)
Drianed and rinsed Tuna
diffrent veggies

This recipe takes maybe 20 min to make and it's super yummy! Plus your imagination is the limit.. though I wouldn't recommend eatting it everyday :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

up on my relationship soap box... again

Okay after reading several posts by friends on facebook I just want to vent a little so please bare with me.

- You can not have best friends of the opposite sex without emotionaly cheating on your spouse!
- Yes, talking about relationship problems with someone other than your spouse is allowing others into a three person relationship (you, your spouse, and GOD)
- A seperation rarely works. how can you work on your marriage when you are not there?
- People need attention too!
- Video games and computers CAN cause neglect of children and spouses.

Seriously people I think you need to get your priorities straight!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My ragged tag-along bible

A friend made a comment on yesterdays post about my bible that made me laugh and go how well she knows me!!
This is my bible. My constant companion. 
I take it with me everywhere I go. I keep everything important in it. 
I have ultrasound pictures, birth announcements, wedding announcements, funeral announcements..  if it means something special to me it's in my bible.
It's post-it noted, highlighted, underlined and pretty much beat and beat up. 
I think it is absolutely perfect!!
Everything about it means SOMETHING. 
The cover came from a very close friend and every time I see it I think of the biblical discussions we had and how she helped me through the hardest times in my life. My bible is always close because there is ALWAYS something in it that I needed to hear. If we go on a trip it's in my car bag. When we camp it's in the tent.  
To my my bible is a  tangible reminder that God is always close to me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for a Tornado

Typically when bad weather is predicted we head on over to my mothers house to be on the safe side.  I have a tendency lately to want to just stay here and wait until we know its going to get bad. As opposed to running over there then nothing happening.  Keep it simple.
So.. The girls are old enough to start thinking about what goes into our tornado bag (tote) We decided that today the girls would brainstorm and make a list of everything they thought needed to go into our bucket. Then after the list was done they went back and weeded out the silly things and got to packing. I offered no suggestions or criticism I just let them pack the bucket. They each discussed why their suggestion should be included. Then once the bucket was packed they had to work together to carry it to the street and back into the house. In order to see if we could carry it to the tornado shelter. They couldn't. So now is when mommy helped go through it. We set out everything in piles and discussed why certain things were not as necessary as other items.. for instance they packed a case of water, 5 jars of peanut butter and 3 packages of snack crackers.. We discussed why those things were good for an emergency kit in general but not to CARRY to a storm shelter. We then re packed our bucket with BASIC items and tried to carry it. It worked!! We were able to carry it to the street without any trouble at all!!
I wanted to add that we were not the only ones with weather boxes,Bags,totes, However we were the only one with flashlights, and a weather radio..  There was however a DVD player and Cotton Candy! 
Just for info we packed...
2 towels
5 trashbags
a first aide kit
a box of gloves
8 bottles of water (2 each)
2 emergency blankets
1 box of snack crackers
1 book
3 flashlights with extra batteries
our emergency radio
and Mommys Wallet

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Appropriate words

In our neighborhood we have a good mix of diffrent kids from diffrent backgrounds for the girls to play with. I've always thought of as a bonus. There will always be a bully, someone who is to bossy, you find those kids in every neighborhood across the world. There will always be the teenage boys gathered together to play whatever is in season and the teenage girls standing around them trying to get their attention.  I love how everywhere you go you can find the same things.
     I always monitor the kids watching (listening) through the windows. I step outside frequently to make sure the kids are all playing nicely. I make kool-aide and cookies for the kids to have. Typically any fights are between siblings ( mine or someone elses) or just a misunderstanding. What I don't like is watching (listening) out the window and hearing some child telling mine she is a stupid b@#$h because she tagged him.  Usually we get stupid or dummy.. never words like that. I was SHOCKED. At first I thought okay I didn't hear properly so I went outside. Sure enough a few min later it happened again.  So I tell the kids its time to go inside and I try to explain why being called a B(*&h is a bad thing.  It's a really hard thing to explain.. Eldest wants to know how a 5/6 yr old can be so comfortable using such language.. and the littlier girls don't understand abusive behaviors. They think they are in trouble for something and thats why they cant play. Now hitting they'd understand but words what's the harm in words?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We have some news :)

My BigGwrl is going to be a big sister :) 
in other words.....
We are having a baby!!