Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! A week in Review

This has been a LONG week!! Tuesday was a Wisescrapper's day the girls and I had so much fun. We played with our friends, made book marks and had a BLAST.  Wednesday Eldest lost her first molar and the tooth fairy fell asleep forgetting to put money under her pillow hahah so but she thought that she went to her momma's house instead so luckly we got an extra day!!! Middlest had her very first school field trip. She had a BLAST!! We went to Tate Farms which is a Pumpkin / Cotton farm there is so much to do there! The kids played in a corn crib, picked their own pumpkins buried their teacher in corn kernels. Then Tim took the girls to a Trunk or treat at a local church so Mommy could get a nap.Thursday was a Wisescrappers day. Which means momma and babygirl were working hard. Well we made a card for our Uncle and then our Nana came and picked us up for a special Nana day!! Our favorite day! Which was lucky for me because I had to work late. We had a Christmas Card class, I had a blast.. made a few cards and learned some new tricks that I can't wait to put to good use!! Friday was WHO club day... apparently I messed up some blankets i had knotted so we had to re-do them but we had fun doing it, we also made a super hero costume for our daddy, and we had a nice out to eat dinner. Then today of course was HALLOWEEN! WOOHOO!! We went to the Halloween Hoopla downtown with some friends of our and got lots of candy and got nice and worn out! Then we came home and went Trick or Treating!! The girls got sooooo much candy! It took Tim and I an hour just to sort through it all. We didn't get many trick or treaters so we have a ton of candy leftover to send to school with Middlest on Monday.

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