Sunday, November 8, 2009

Craft fairs and wisescrappers

So this has been a CRAZY week! The WHO club had their 1st Craft fair and my boss went out of town for the weekend. Whoo!! So since Thursday I have been headed to the Church to help set up for the craft fair then off to work at the Shop. Full and busy days but FULL! People at the shop are starting to get used to me being there and well maybe i'm getting used to everything and loosining up a bit. Which ever it is people that come in are sticking around and visiting.  I am having even more of a blast. I've been working on these homemade Christmas Orniamanets and having a blast doing it. I also have an idea for a star ornimant. I'm soo excited. It is so hard from me to stay OUT of the shop! hahah. Anyways I have been working full time the past few days and my house REALLY shows it... So i suppose I ought to clean house this week and get it back to where I want it to be cause goodness only knows Tim might be a great husband and father but he is a BAD housekeeper :) but that is another vent for another day! Have a Blessed Sunday! ROLL TIDE!

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