Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial day 2010 and 2011

These are from last Memorial Day... 

 These next ones are from this year :

Im seeing a theme here :) 

Don't day..

we apparently have certin days around the house where mommy only says NO! (so not true) Today got dubbed the DON'T day. DONT slam the door! Don't hit your sister! Don't touch that!
To pick on the girls about picking on me i've been saying DONT even more!
We got home from our daily activites and they were whining about me saying the next hour was nap/rest time NOT movie time. Then they decided to be smart and tell me they didn't have to because it was DONT day and THEY voted it was DONT take nap time. Momma didn't think that was very funny... KIDS!! I have a WHOLE summer left of this! Not to mention the one more on the way :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

the perfect pants

My family has decided i've gone off the deep end. Like this is ANYTHING new.
I am a little odd i'll grant you that. I HATE my maternity pants. I am CONSTANTLY pulling them up. So with my "blossoming" figgure i've been on the look out for comfy summer appropriate pants.
it's summer. Im HOT. Im pregnant. Im getting to the point i really dont care how funny I look, as long as it's pregnant and not fat. :) I do have some dignity or so we thought. Yesterday at walmart I found the most AWESOME pair of capris! Who cares that they are REALLY jammie pants? Or that they are Dr. Seuss? Not me! These pants are soooooo comfortable! I think they are cute! I wore them out yesterday, you should have seen the look on Big Daddys face when I picked him up with my "comfy" pants on. I thought he was seriously going to have a heart attack he was trying so hard not to laugh. His opinion was well babe i married you knowing you had an odd side and im glad you are comfortable. Such a sweetheart! As for eldest I think she may hide them if I go out anywhere with her again.


This morning I was brushing and about to fix BigGrwls hair when my fingers brushed on a "scab". I told her to hold still i wanted to see if she had broken out from a new shampoo that we used. So I picked the scab and pulled it out of her hair. *shudder* It was a bug! A live crawling bug!!! Panic insued as she was running to get alchol and crying that she had bugs and was going to die ( and you thought Middlest was the drama queen!). As soon as we were able to drown it we noticed it was a tick and not head lice! BigGwrl has now sworn she will never play in the sprinkler or roll in the grass again. We will see how long THAT lasts!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back on the air!

I am FINALLY back!
Things are starting to settle down.
We have now moved into and are starting to settle into our new home.  It's slowly but surely starting to look and feel like a home.
We still don't have the girls bunk beds put up but maybe we'll get to that this weekend.

Supernova is starting to make his (we only address the baby as a boy ) presence known. He is a very active baby :) right now im enjoying being the only one who can feel the movements. It's so special and something just between us. That will all change soon enough!
We have found out what Supernova is BUT we are waiting until they do the anatomy scan next month :)
Sorry. I know it FEELS like a teaser but we want to make sure since this ultrasound was really kind of early to find out the sex for sure.

Other than that we will soon be getting back into baking and trips so stay tuned for our next adventure. Right now im going outside to play in the sprinkler!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

This is the reason I get to celebrate Mothers Day.
My three beautiful girls.
Because of them EVERY DAY is Mothers Day.
Every day I get snuggles
special flowers
I get handmade works of art
I get fought over.
I get read to.
I am constantly told that I am the best..
bread maker
boo boo kisser
best singer
best tuck-er in-er
I am a MOMMY and it's all becuase of them....

We are survivors

I wanted to share some pictures of tornado damage with you guys. 
See part of the problem is some areas look fine.. no one is affected now that the power is on.. well except the news stations talking about the tornados.  A lot of people just dont get how bad the damage really is! These are pictures of a local subdivision. It is almost completely leveled!! 
The meteorologist said that EVERY county in North Alabama has tornado damage. EVERY COUNTY.  However Tornados don't just take out everything so you will be driving along the road looking at home, trees, parks ect. then turn a corner and NOTHING. absolutely nothing. You feel like you're in a war zone. Cars flipped over, trees knocked down and houses demolished. Its a scarey thing.  This isn't something you can just "get over". I am asking that you remember to pray for the Tornado SURVIVORS not Tornado VICTIMS.  We are not VICTIMS we are SURVIVORS!!!  

Thursday, May 5, 2011

we are OKAY

First off for all the friends that read this thank you alread for your help and prayers.

As some of you may know last Wednesday something like 30 known tornados hit the state of Alabama.
Several of these tornados hit the area we live in very hard. One EF4 hit within 300 yards of Eldest's mothers house. It has been so devestating to see the damage of so many areas that we are fammiliar with. A church we visited frequently was demolished. Our neighborhood was hit by straight line winds. Several of us lost our homes others just recived slight damage. Most of North Alamaba was out of power until Monday some still have no power. It has been a sobering time and a time to remember that God does indeed watch out for us.
Thank you to everyone that has helped with the relief efforts.