Tuesday, August 9, 2011

difference in kids

Because of school starting next week we are all on the school prep. schedule. This means up at 5:30 - Quiet time from 7-7:30 then straight to bed for the little ones. Chores and Reading until 8:00 for Eldest. This also means no more naps for BigGrwl. I am really bummed about that because its our special  time together and has been for at least 4 years now. I'm trying not to cry!! Having a baby on the way is helping with the MY BABY IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN crying but still it's just so sad!! 
This also means that MY nap has to be over by 2:15 so I can go pick up the girls. MAJOR BUMMER. 
So the girls decided to wake up mommy together by jumping on my bed.
Supernova was moving so the all laid on the bed watching and feeling. I love the mixed reactions from the girls. 
Eldest: Ew that just feels/ looks soooooo.... (me)Cool? Awesome? (Eldest) no... discusting. There isSOMETHING growing inside your body!! 
Middlest: lays her head on my belly or close to hit and talks to the baby.. Supernova can you hear me.. kick Middlest. It's okay kicking is good. Kick sissy! Supernova.. this is Middlest I love you so much.. we are going to have so much fun!!
BigGwrl: Hey Supurnova! BPPPPPPPTTTTT can you hear that? BPPPPTTTTTT I'm blowing farts on mommys belly!! awww he kicked me he likes it!! 
I love it!! I can't wait to see what his personality is like!!