Friday, November 13, 2009

the dreaded STREP!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thursday morning we woke up to a VERY whiney little girl. Daddy just kinda brushed it off to not sleeping well the night before but MOMMY thought to check her for a fever.  Middlest was BURNING up. No school for her. She tried pleading and begging but to no avail Mommy wouldn't budge. She was very upset with me. As the day went on her whining got worse and so did her fever. Looks like a trip to the Dr. She ended up having Strep. Great. Well we have all been exposed. So today Momma bought the girls the new Tinkerbell movie (Aunt Becky told me I had to) . We laid in bed watching movies and drinking Ginger Ale. It was great! Until we smelled something... Apparently Indiana's tummy didn't like the big special bone I bought for her. It was NASTY. We had to give the poor dog a bath. We left in the bathroom for a few min to dry off while I cleaned out her bed and She had an upset tummy again. Poor thing. She had to get another bath. Good thing she likes water. We finally get to the school and pick up Eldest and she volunteers to hole up with her sisters and watch Tinkerbell again should I mention for the 3rd time today?! All the while all this was going I was making my yummy potato soup. It ended up being a great night but a LONG day and now all I need is a nap.

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