Sunday, November 22, 2009

reading up on Advent

Every year before the Advent season starts I try to brush up on my knowledge of which candle is goes where ect. This years search turned up something a little unexpected from something usually taken so seriously.... the writer of the text would say (blank) candle is the candle of... this is the verse recomended to go with it... then snuff out the candel at the end of service. I thought okay normal stuff until further down you get this... You notice how I emphasize snuffing out the candles at the end of each service? This has absolutely no liturgical significance whatsoever, but it is vitally important and you must not leave it out. It prevents the candles from burning your house down.
I recommend that you snuff out the candles, rather than blowing them out. The reason is that if you blow them out, you might spray hot wax over everything.
My laugh for the day .
ALSO Do you know how many of our Christmas traditions were actually " modernized" by Martin Luther? Apparently he is credited with starting Advent wreaths and Christmas trees... also something about Christkindle the person we now know as Santa Claus??? But I didn't quite understand what he had to do with that it still bears mentioning. I guess. hahah what can I say it's late and I was up at 5:30 this morning.

I will however be doing more research into Christian costmes and where and how they have evolved. If you are anything like me you like to know the stories behind our traditions. Peace out word to yo momma!!!

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