Monday, October 24, 2011

time to let it all out. Venting.

  I am in a crabby mood I won't deny it but still i just feel the need to vent and just get everything out and feel better.  So on that note.

1) You (no not you) are a bad friend.  All you do is take a true friendship is give and take. You must have never learned that because all you do is take. I have needed you so many times this year and they only time you decided to be a friend was when you wanted something. Well poop on you child. I know what a true and real friend is and hon it ain't you.

2) If you are a man there are just somethings you do not say to a pregnant woman especially a VERY pregnant woman. Don't say are you really going to eat that?! Don't tell her that her clothes don't fit. Don't tell her to calm down. ESPECIALLY don't tell her you know how she feels.  The pregnant woman might just KILL YOU.  Oh and don't complain that you only got 6 hours of sleep when YOU stayed up late watching FIREFLY.
( no bigdaddy did not say any of those things. Except the sleep one.  )

3.  If you are going to post something in a public forum don't be surprised when the person you were gossiping about finds out.  Ie: don't vent about someone that is on your friends list. THEY WILL SEE IT.
It WILL cause drama.

see I feel so much better. Now if only purging vents would cause you to go into labor.