Sunday, November 15, 2009

An odd dream

I had a very weird dream last night. It was kinda sad in a City of Angels kind of way. Me and This guy were both students at this school and we worked for this professor I don't know what I was but I wasn't this professors student. I had this terriable crush on the guy but never acted like I did becuase he had a girlfriend and I was well me hahaha. Then one day he started looking and saying things to me that made me think he had a crush on me as well. Those looks you get that make your heart pound and accidental brushes of the hand kinda things that make everything so much more awwww. Any how one day he said he needed to leave early because he said he had something to do but he needed to turn in his paper to the professor. I told him the line to get things checked was really long and he really didn't look at them when so many ppl were there but if I gave it to the professor he'd definaty look over it. He also asked if I could orginaze it for him then he left. So i laid it out and started organizing his papers they were all about falling in love with your soul mate so I passed it along like i Was supposed to. about an hour later a phone call came into the office he had been in a car accident coming back from his girlfriends house. We were all devistated. No one more than me. Then a friend of both of our came into the office and handed me a note it was she said the last page of his paper that he had forgotten to include.. It wasn't in a way it was a note to me telling that he had broken up with his girlfriend because he felt we were soul mates and he had fallen in love with me the first day we met and up until recently he never imagined I had felt the same way about him. I woke up crying. It so hard in dreams like this because Timothy is ALWAYS the guy and just to think that I might lose him just like that kills me.

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