Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 letter word family's

Big_gwrl is having some issues learning her sight words. So we are working extra hard practicing our reading this summer so that she can go on to 1st grade. Not that repeating Kindergarten will be bad. She still needs practice.
I have been trying different things so that she doesn't feel like we are always doing book work or flash cards.
This was one of  our favorites.
                                                   3 letter word family bracelets.

1 pkg LARGE letter beads
1 package of pony beads to separate the words
1 skein of elastic string

Tie a pony bead about an inch from the end of the thread so the letters dont fall off. DO NOT CUT YET!!!

pick which family you are going to use.. ie : UG 
help your child separate out all the U's and G's and set them aside on a cookie sheet 
then help your child sort out one of each consonant and line then up alphabetically. This is so your child can sound out each first letter to see if it makes a word when combined with your ending. 
as they make words line them up for them separating each word with a pony bead so that once they have found all the words it will be easier for them to put them on the string.  let them string the beads then tie them off. You now have awesome word family bracelets!!!