Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

I LOVE black friday!! I love going to the stores and watching people fight over the NEWEST TOY OF THE YEAR! Call me sick and twisted but I feel so sad when the local news has no stabbings or major fight stories. Oh The comericalization!!! It's just AWESOME! Unfortunatly this year Timothy had to work and so I could not go with eldest to Walmart at 3am to watch the madness. Funny enough though we as a family decided to forgo the comercialzation for a more CHRIST-mas. We voted for one gift and our anuall socks, panties, outfit and special decoration. The gift was decided and voted on it was a Computer and Printer just for the girls. One for them to do thier learning games and homework assignments. We looked through the sale ad's and Tim found the one he wanted. The 200$ Walmart special. Tim had never been to a black friday sale so I cautioned him against it. He had NO idea what he was getting into!! Nope he was going to get this one thing for his little girls. I could not change his mind. At 11pm he got up and went to wait at the store for the sale items. Luckly for him he got the computer with no problem. He was shocked though at how long the lines were. Every lane was open and there were 30 ppl at least in each line. SHOCKED! *snort* i've seen them wrap around the store before! Anyhow he got out and got to work without seeing anything intresting. When he got home we headed out to LOWES for the singing toys we had our eyes on. Once we got those we got HALF of our Christmas decorations from storage and headed for home to start decorating. We got ALMOST all of the  little dolls and toys, wall hangings ect. up and out. Tomorrow we will straighten up the house and get the tinsel hung and eventually we will get the tree up but only one thing at a time. Or at least thats what Tim tells me to do. Silly Boy! hehe I also found Indiana and Genesis leigh's Christmas shirts. I'll post pictures later! They look soooooooo TUTE!

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