Tuesday, November 17, 2009

one of those kinda days

Sometimes we all need to step back and look at things from a different perspective in order to see things in a better light. I am hoping this is one of those times. Today started out a little crazy as normal. Kids running and screaming that they can't find their homework, can't find socks..etc. Now you have to understand that EVERY evening I tell them to get their clothes ready for school the next day so this doesn't happen and EVERY morning it does. They all finally get dressed and get everything together and lunches made and out the door to wait for the bus. PHEW. Now everything will calm down right?? Wrong.  It has suddenly turned into winter outside. Yesterday was at least in the 70's today it is 45 no kidding. It is freezing and babygirl has grown so much that her ONLY sweater comes to her elbows and belly.. its kinda funny :). So anyhow I head out to Wal-mart to get a few essentials like Dog food and kitty litter. Well walmart has some of the UGLIEST shirts i have EVER seen for little girls (sorry Uncle Oregon but they were). The only ones i could somewhat tolerate look like thermals and were only in 5t so I got 3 thinking that if she grows anymore I'm covered. We then went to see if we could find some for middlest and we found ERIC CARLE shirts!!!!!!!! I bought all three that they had! Speaking of which i need to email Uncle Oregon and he if he has more at his store. Middlest's Kindergarten Class has been doing an Eric Carle theme and has read like EVERY book he has written. You wanna know who he is just ask middlest, she even knows his wife's name and where he lives. Anyways I get all the essentials and get to check out there is 3 lanes open. I can't even tell you how much it annoys me that they have 30 cashier lanes and 3 open, the lines are always packed with SAHM's with full buggies and babies just screaming . after standing in line LONGER than it took us to fill the buggy we get out to the car where Tim calls to tell me not to buy milk and eggs because he already did. Little to late there bud. So we get home and get the stuff put away but we smell something funky. No one took out the trash. We have TWO trash cans both are full! Tim is supposed to take it in his truck to the dumpster since i can't in the van and I'm not supposed to leave it outside because it attracts cats. I do it any how. :P I have to turn on the heat because it is soo freaking cold in the house (the AC had been running). The girls didn't do chores last night so no dishes are washed or laundry AND Indiana decided she was finished with her food and dumped it over the floor so now there is dog food ALL over the kitchen, which is SO messy from those who make breakfast and lunches not cleaning up that I just kinda want to throw up my hands and go ANY WHERE else and say I'm not cleaning this S#$% up and go somewhere fun. I know SAHM's are supposed to have clean houses but frankly babygirl and I get tired of cleaning up after everyone and we just want to play too, since everyone else gets to. So we played Chutes and Ladders and then she opted to take a nap (after we swept the floor cause stepping on things is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine). So now I'm all alone venting instead of cleaning. Which btw I do feel better now hahahahaha AND my mom called and said the Date Nut Log turned out perfectly. Maybe I have a hand for candy after all.

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