Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh what a beautiful day!!!!!

I just feel like singing today! I started reading a new book from a friend of mine called "created to be his help meet. I have learned that during my Bible studies I may not always agree with someone's point of view God often shows me what I need to see at that time or during that day. Today he reminded me that while I feel I am a good wife, who tries to be submissive to her husband, takes good care of the home and children. I feel like... well I know I'm not meeting all of my husbands needs. We love each other very much and take care of each other but to be honest LIFE gets in the way of what we emotionally need. Today's reading remind me of how much he needs me in other ways then just BEING there and taking care of things for him, although he appreciates it.. that doesn't feed his soul. So right now I am concentrating on winning my husbands heart all over again. Can't have him looking for what I'm not emotionally giving him from some skanky ho now can I  ( I WOULD JUST LIKE TO STRESS THAT MY HUSBAND LOVES ME VERY MUCH AND WOULD RATHER KILL HIMSELF THAN CHEAT ON ME. BUT IF I DONT MEET HIS NEEDS IT ALLOWS FOR A CRACK TO HAPPEN IN THE FOUNDATION )? So i left him messages on his phone and facebook telling him how much I love and miss him. I flirted with him over the computer while he was working, talked to him in a sweet kind voice even when I had a killer headache and the kids were making me crazy. He was so joyful to come home. He knew his wife was happy to see HIM and not just someone else to help with the girls. Anyways something must have worked because he is cleaning out my fridge right now WITHOUT having been asked. BUT what I thought was so great was that my determination to make him feel better made ME feel more at peace with myself (could just be the extra meds). I stopped and just relaxed. baby-girl  and I went to the store to get Thanksgiving groceries and bought a cookie for treats. Normally it would have been home and nap but she was being so good and when she asked if we could go to Home Depot to look at the Christmas toys I say of course the groceries and house would still be there. We have a great time dreaming about everything and turning on all the music toys just to see what they played. When we finally got home she of course still did not want to take a nap but play outside ( just for five min mommy) so I grabbed my book and she showed me how good she was getting riding her trike. We just enjoyed spending time together . I always enjoy spending time with her but sometimes it just feels for special than others this was one of those days. Even when Eldest and Middlest came home I was laying down reading in bed they came in and we all four snuggled in my bed under the covers no one cared that there were shoes in the bed or anything we just talked about the day and loved on each other. I just feel LOVE today. Maybe there is LOVE in the air. Thanks T for the book, although I don't think i'll ever be discreet or silent in church :) but I'll try .

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