Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loss of someone close (old from myspace)

Loss of someone close -
t's never fun to think about the mortality of someone you love and share your life with. Today I was smacked in the face with it. I knew marrying Timothy meant that I would probably be faced with many life changing decisions. It was something that made me wonder if loving someone was worth the risk of losing them. I made the choice to love him dispite his health risks and I have tried hard to make his life full. When he woke me up this morning and told me that he had another blood clot and needed to go talk to the doctor I was blown over. I was mad because he didn't take his medicine like he was supposed to or made out a will or any of that other "dying" stuff. More than that though I was scared. Scared that I would not have many more chances to tell my husband what he had ment to me. Scared that we'd never be old toghther. Scared that he'd never get the chance to see our daughters have children. Yesterday we had a great day but it could have been one of the last days I sat on the coutch talking to him about all the crazy things we did while he was at work. I relized that I need to tell him I love him and how much he has changed my life all the time everyday. Timothy is my world, He saved me. When people say live everyday like it is the last. It's from experiance. You never know when you'll be able to tell your loved one you love them again. Say it often and with feeling.

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