Sunday, November 13, 2011

So much in love

Look at his little squishy cheeks!! How can you not be crazy in love with this little boy? I tell you what EVERYONE in this house has been bit by the love bug in a huge way. I was worried with how biggwrl would react to him hogging mommy after we got home but I should have been worried by how much SHE would hog HIM. She doesn't care that he's hogging mommy she just climbs in my lap and pets him while he's eatting begging to burb him or have a turn holding him. The girls fight constantly about who's turn it is to love on him next. Daddy walks in the door wanting to hold him. and lets not even get into gramma and nanna. This boy is a love machine. Just a 9lb bundle of lovin. No one can resist the sweet baby smell ! We are powerless against it!

Supernova's Birth Story

On Nov 8th we went into the hospital to get induced at 6am
they started me on the pitocin at 7am.
by 9:30am it was time to break my water.. which REALLY hurt by the way. Big daddy missed this part becuase I had kicked him out to go get a snack since i would not let him eat in the room>
I had texted back and forth with the girls all morning but when i called the only thing they cared about was if thier brother was here yet. True devotion. However BigGwrl did tell me to be brave.
then the anesthesia came in about 10 to give me my epidural. Following the same pattern as last time my bp dropped and I threw up all over the place. Luckily we were ready this time with the trash can and meds.
HOWEVER the epidural never quite kicked in. Tiny T and her family stopped by to pray with us and then it was time to check mommy again.11am. I started feeling light headed and sick to my tummy again my bp dropped again so more throwing up and more meds. We still hadn't gotten to the pushing stage so nanna came in for a bit to say hi. We kept paging the anathesia dr. to come back but he was busy then he forgot to come and give me more meds. By this time the contractions were so bad I knew it was time to push. We kicked Nanna out and called the Dr. the anathsia dr. to come back and we called the girls to come up. The nurse checked me again and sure enough it was time. 11:30 the Dr. and the anethesia dr. both walked in together I got an upper for my epidural but by then it was to late for it to work. By 12:18 after LOTS of pain! Supernova had made his entrance into the world. He was pink and perfect in every way.
He is 9lbs 7oz
We are all so in love with our new family member!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I have learned from this experiance

After having had a really rough day and then finally reaching the point that my body just kind of collapsed in on itself and I was FINALLY able to pass out asleep, I have decided to make a list of things I have learned with this delivery/ recovery experiance. 

- Epidurals do not always work
- just when you think the pain can not get any worse.. it does... BUT if you keep pushing just when you think you have died it's over and there is relief.
- Even adults need to be asked things ovedr and over again
-  lactation consultanats give you formula nowdays... but it's specially formulated for breastfeeding
- letting people know you are upset is a good thing

 more later.... my pain pills are here and Im gonna go sleepy

Monday, November 7, 2011

A special song for getting induced

the baby will come out
bet your bottom dollar
that tomorrow
they'll be a son

Just thinkin about
clears away the anxitiy
and the depression
till theres none!

When I'm stuck with a day
thats hot
and stuffy
I just stick out my chin
and grin
and say

The Son will come out
So I gotta hang on
till tomorrow
come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I'll love on him tomorrow!
He's only a day