Monday, November 29, 2010

speaking of boxes

Since we are moving and money will be tight closer to christmas i decided to order gifts ( Santa only) early this year, and have them sent to my mothers house. In case they got in after we moved. Well just our luck they all came back quickly which meant i needed to pack them in a box. We still have a medium size stack of unused boxes that when we find something to be packed we find a box the is close to the right size. Well since these are large gifts i picked the largest box. Makes sense right? NORMALLY. This box is freaking huge! I dont know where Big_Daddy found this box BUT Eldest, Middlest, BigGwrl, Big_daddy and BOTH dogs fit in this box. Seriously! It's a family box!
   So everyone except me and Middlest hid in the box to wait for the bus. I went outside and waited.. the bus gets home and Middlest gets off the bus walks inside and says where did the box comefrom? I dont know the mail lady just dropped it off..
Well how did she get it in her car?
opens it and sees bodies and starts screaming until she notices they are her family
then she starts laughing.
This was Great fun!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Things right now are a little nuts around our house. We have well a lot of boxes and a lot of mess in our house right now. We are in a kinda of limbo waiting for all the beginning of a job security checks to come in before we sign a lease on a house. So here we are waiting. Meme decided she didn't like all this packing and started peeing on my bed. EVERYTIME I put clean sheets on. EVERYTIME. So after questioning the smartest pet person i know we bought my little kitty her own crate for her and all her stuff. She hates it and she yells ALL DAY LONG. The girls are doing better then they were.. they constantly need assurances of mommy's love.. ie they are CONSTANTLY up my butt. Big Daddy did what he was supposed to when I had a check up about my celexa and sold me down river. I had decided to take control of my life and tell the doctor i wanted off my meds. He said and I qoute.. i am not taking you off. As a matter of fact I want you to go back to the original doseage. All because my loving caring husband told him that he didnt think it was a good idea. I know he loves me but i still wanted to punch his nose. and yes i know it wasnt my husbands fault but still.
anyways this post is supposed to be about things I am thankful for right now.
I am Thankful : for God  providing us with a new job
I am Thankful :having a home
I am Thankful : a loving Christian husband who loves me enough to say no
I am Thankful : beautiful little girls who love me
I am Thankful : for my Family
I am Thankful : for Tim's family
I am Thankful :for my friends
I am Thankful : That Jesus died to save me
There are so many other things I am Thankful for. Right now is a scary time and I am thankful for everyone who is praying for us.
Mostly I am Thankful God loves me

Sunday, November 14, 2010

the secret

For a while now we've been harboring a we are not having another baby.
Big_Daddy has gotten a job in South Carolina!! We are moving!!  So in the space of a few weeks my house has gone from this

There is almost NOTHING left. Except for clothes. 
It has been a crazy few weeks. Last weekend we were pretty sure we were moving to Wisconsin..THEN South Carolina called and asked Big _Daddy to come in for an interview. We didn't find out until this Friday for sure. There have been a lot of prayer that has gone into this decision. We are so happy God has given us the oppertunity! Now if any of you have a Rental in South Carolina can you hook us up?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Cleanin'

God cleanin'
When God tells you to clean out your lives he sure means it!  A month ago God put in on my and Big Daddys heart to start cleaning up our lives. *sigh* We were not quite prepared for HOW he was going to clean up our lives. We washed and scrubbed and threw away soooo much stuff. Then God told us we needed to go where he sent us. OH BOY! As of right now we have NO idea about where God wants us to go, but we are ready.. ish. Right now my living room is FULL of packing boxes waiting to recive news.  I am struck with how much JUNK five people can get to fill up seven years. I am going through stuff that in September we THOUGHT we would need  ( before moving was even a possibility), Now im thinking do we REALLY need this enough to carry if half way across the country? I now understand how people leave so much stuff behind when they move. What seems important when looked at in other lights doesnt seem so special.  Take for instance we have 4 tables. FOUR. One is the dinning room table, one is a sewing table, one we cut the legs off of and we use it as a coffee table and one is a round table I used as a desk. Do I REALLY need four tables? I will probably take them JUST IN CASE but im not sure how nessicary they really are. I am not REALLY sure how all of this will play out but I know God has a pourpose for all of it.  God wants us to have clean lives this is apparently how he has decided how to clean out MY life.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soul Mates

God brings people into our lives for periods to teach us things and then sometimes you grow apart. This is what I believe what soul mates are. They are people that are a part of us. Even for a short time. Every time I meet one of these people I fall in love (not THAT kind) KNOWING at some point we will part. It HURTS so much. Its like a part of you is being ripped apart, because a part of you is. I miss you EVERY one of my soul mates. Everyone that even for that small amount of time touched my soul. I just needed you to know.. that EVERYONE of you makes me who I am, and I love you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Cake!

To celebrate election day we voted AND we made.... 

Election Day Cake! 
We took a White cake mix and made it according to directions
Seprated it into 3rd's 
Used food coloring to color one red and one blue. 
We poured 1/2 of the white in a greased bunt cake pan.
1/2 the blue one top
1/2 the red then start over until there is no mix left. 
We did the same with the frosting.
And no the cake actually tasted better than it looked. 
Except the frosting... Eldest put a little to much red coloring in the frosting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

How do you inspect candy?

As I sit here with this ENORMOUS bag of candy in my lap I am forced to wonder how does everyone inspect their candy?
This is how I do it..
-All candy bars get a light squeeze. If they don't have that extra air in them they get tossed. (m&m's get this test too)
-Smarties and hard candies ALWAYS get thrown away.
 -Dum-Dums i twist the wrapper if its wiggly I keep - If it sticks or falls off throw away
-Boxed candies (nerds, dots, milk duds, raisinnetts) get a shake if they shake well and are completely sealed I keep.

But what do you do about things like individual reeses cups?
Carmel apple lollipops
Tootsie rolls
Pixie sticks

Okay I feel throughly overprotective now.

What was the wierdest thing you found in YOUR child's candy bag?
Me ? I found a Fiber One bar
I thought tooth brushes were wierd!