Monday, November 16, 2009


Well eldest and I are on our second day of working out which I know does not seem like a bunch of time. We rode 3 more miles today. GO US! We rode the entire length of the southern greenpath. I was very proud of us both! Eldest wanted to go further. I thought I was going to vomit :).  I just have a basic no gears bike and the greenpath was pretty level but by the end I was struggling on those little tiny hills. I forgot that no matter if the seat looks comfy haha it doesn't mean it is. MY HINEY IS SORE!! I thought trying to go potty with my knees was bad enough but nothing is worse than sore knees and a sore hiney! HOWEVER in the past two days I have rode OVER 6 miles and I can still walk! I am overjoyed!!! It's raining tonight but hopeful it will seace long enough for babygirl and I to try out the new bike seat I bought today. In other news my mom's knees are bothering her really badly and with her trip coming up she is kinda...umm having a nervose breakdown :) So I went over and helped her do a little cookin. I learned how to make Date nut bars and her secrect fruit cake. WOOHOO!

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