Saturday, November 28, 2009

My little middlest

Poor little girl... the middle child. So neglected. So ignored. Poor thing nobody loves her. She got jelouse becuase Eldest got to spend a day with her mommy and baby girl ALWAYS gets to go EVERYWHERE with mommy. Poor thing. She conviently forgets she was sick 2 weeks ago and had everyone calling her and sending cards, got special soda , and mommy made her soup from scratch. So since mommies have to be fair and balanced I decided that I would take and spend some special shopping time with my middlest girl. She was sooo excited. We went and got doughnuts and chocolate milk listened to her favorite CD. Laughed, talked and did a lot of shopping for a friend of ours. We went to our FAVORITE place.. BOOKS A MILLION!! We got to pick out new books. Eventually we found our way back home to unload our packages. What does she say?? I thought we were going on a picnic too?? HUH????!!!! Sigh... apparently 3 hours with mommy wasn't enough. My question is this can a mother EVER give all her kids all the attention they want?  I think im going to re-think this million Rachael thing. From what I figgure I need one for all the housework, one for each kid, one for hubby, and one to run all the errands. HAHAHA AND I WANT ANOTHER KID!! WHAT AM I THINKING!!!

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