Saturday, November 28, 2009

Creeped out at New Moon

I took eldest and her cousin to go see New Moon tonight. The movie was wonderful!! I loved it.. just what I needed and just as one of the reviews I read had said I spent half the movie going he's just 16.. he is just 16. During the movie I got kinda creeped out as I looked around and saw that 75% of the ppl at the theater were women usually in twos or threes my MOTHERS age!!!!! All audible gasped when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time. EWWW!! Not that I blame them though. What really terrified me was the two tween's I was supervising spent the 30 min drive back home discussing who was hotter Jacob or Edward, who was hotter of all the wolf pack and who was the hottest Vampire. SIGH. Up until tonight Eldest has SWORN that boys still have cooties and are disgusting. I'll just hope that she continues to just drool over the guys on the Movies and not the ones in real life!!! Right now they are holed up in the playroom for thier sleep over glued to the TV screen watching Twilight for the millionth time. Oh well. I suppose they do have to grow up. Just not so fast.

My little middlest

Poor little girl... the middle child. So neglected. So ignored. Poor thing nobody loves her. She got jelouse becuase Eldest got to spend a day with her mommy and baby girl ALWAYS gets to go EVERYWHERE with mommy. Poor thing. She conviently forgets she was sick 2 weeks ago and had everyone calling her and sending cards, got special soda , and mommy made her soup from scratch. So since mommies have to be fair and balanced I decided that I would take and spend some special shopping time with my middlest girl. She was sooo excited. We went and got doughnuts and chocolate milk listened to her favorite CD. Laughed, talked and did a lot of shopping for a friend of ours. We went to our FAVORITE place.. BOOKS A MILLION!! We got to pick out new books. Eventually we found our way back home to unload our packages. What does she say?? I thought we were going on a picnic too?? HUH????!!!! Sigh... apparently 3 hours with mommy wasn't enough. My question is this can a mother EVER give all her kids all the attention they want?  I think im going to re-think this million Rachael thing. From what I figgure I need one for all the housework, one for each kid, one for hubby, and one to run all the errands. HAHAHA AND I WANT ANOTHER KID!! WHAT AM I THINKING!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

I LOVE black friday!! I love going to the stores and watching people fight over the NEWEST TOY OF THE YEAR! Call me sick and twisted but I feel so sad when the local news has no stabbings or major fight stories. Oh The comericalization!!! It's just AWESOME! Unfortunatly this year Timothy had to work and so I could not go with eldest to Walmart at 3am to watch the madness. Funny enough though we as a family decided to forgo the comercialzation for a more CHRIST-mas. We voted for one gift and our anuall socks, panties, outfit and special decoration. The gift was decided and voted on it was a Computer and Printer just for the girls. One for them to do thier learning games and homework assignments. We looked through the sale ad's and Tim found the one he wanted. The 200$ Walmart special. Tim had never been to a black friday sale so I cautioned him against it. He had NO idea what he was getting into!! Nope he was going to get this one thing for his little girls. I could not change his mind. At 11pm he got up and went to wait at the store for the sale items. Luckly for him he got the computer with no problem. He was shocked though at how long the lines were. Every lane was open and there were 30 ppl at least in each line. SHOCKED! *snort* i've seen them wrap around the store before! Anyhow he got out and got to work without seeing anything intresting. When he got home we headed out to LOWES for the singing toys we had our eyes on. Once we got those we got HALF of our Christmas decorations from storage and headed for home to start decorating. We got ALMOST all of the  little dolls and toys, wall hangings ect. up and out. Tomorrow we will straighten up the house and get the tinsel hung and eventually we will get the tree up but only one thing at a time. Or at least thats what Tim tells me to do. Silly Boy! hehe I also found Indiana and Genesis leigh's Christmas shirts. I'll post pictures later! They look soooooooo TUTE!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After writing and deleting SEVERAL times i think i'm just going to list the things I am Thankful for.

God for his love and fogvieness
My husband
my children
my family though they are far they are in my heart and thoughts every day
my friends cause they are the best in the world
my husbands contract getting renewed
having a good relationship with eldest's mother
having a roof over my head and food in my pantry
having the luxury to stay home with my girls
getting to listen to my girls treat each other like sisters should
having a heart full of love and generousity
i know it seems short and there are so many other things I didn't mention but my and my little girls are going to go relax and have a movie night and snuggle and eat pizza in bed.

To everyone who can't be with Family tomorrow. Know that you are in my thoughts and someone out there loves and misses you too!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh what a beautiful day!!!!!

I just feel like singing today! I started reading a new book from a friend of mine called "created to be his help meet. I have learned that during my Bible studies I may not always agree with someone's point of view God often shows me what I need to see at that time or during that day. Today he reminded me that while I feel I am a good wife, who tries to be submissive to her husband, takes good care of the home and children. I feel like... well I know I'm not meeting all of my husbands needs. We love each other very much and take care of each other but to be honest LIFE gets in the way of what we emotionally need. Today's reading remind me of how much he needs me in other ways then just BEING there and taking care of things for him, although he appreciates it.. that doesn't feed his soul. So right now I am concentrating on winning my husbands heart all over again. Can't have him looking for what I'm not emotionally giving him from some skanky ho now can I  ( I WOULD JUST LIKE TO STRESS THAT MY HUSBAND LOVES ME VERY MUCH AND WOULD RATHER KILL HIMSELF THAN CHEAT ON ME. BUT IF I DONT MEET HIS NEEDS IT ALLOWS FOR A CRACK TO HAPPEN IN THE FOUNDATION )? So i left him messages on his phone and facebook telling him how much I love and miss him. I flirted with him over the computer while he was working, talked to him in a sweet kind voice even when I had a killer headache and the kids were making me crazy. He was so joyful to come home. He knew his wife was happy to see HIM and not just someone else to help with the girls. Anyways something must have worked because he is cleaning out my fridge right now WITHOUT having been asked. BUT what I thought was so great was that my determination to make him feel better made ME feel more at peace with myself (could just be the extra meds). I stopped and just relaxed. baby-girl  and I went to the store to get Thanksgiving groceries and bought a cookie for treats. Normally it would have been home and nap but she was being so good and when she asked if we could go to Home Depot to look at the Christmas toys I say of course the groceries and house would still be there. We have a great time dreaming about everything and turning on all the music toys just to see what they played. When we finally got home she of course still did not want to take a nap but play outside ( just for five min mommy) so I grabbed my book and she showed me how good she was getting riding her trike. We just enjoyed spending time together . I always enjoy spending time with her but sometimes it just feels for special than others this was one of those days. Even when Eldest and Middlest came home I was laying down reading in bed they came in and we all four snuggled in my bed under the covers no one cared that there were shoes in the bed or anything we just talked about the day and loved on each other. I just feel LOVE today. Maybe there is LOVE in the air. Thanks T for the book, although I don't think i'll ever be discreet or silent in church :) but I'll try .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

reading up on Advent

Every year before the Advent season starts I try to brush up on my knowledge of which candle is goes where ect. This years search turned up something a little unexpected from something usually taken so seriously.... the writer of the text would say (blank) candle is the candle of... this is the verse recomended to go with it... then snuff out the candel at the end of service. I thought okay normal stuff until further down you get this... You notice how I emphasize snuffing out the candles at the end of each service? This has absolutely no liturgical significance whatsoever, but it is vitally important and you must not leave it out. It prevents the candles from burning your house down.
I recommend that you snuff out the candles, rather than blowing them out. The reason is that if you blow them out, you might spray hot wax over everything.
My laugh for the day .
ALSO Do you know how many of our Christmas traditions were actually " modernized" by Martin Luther? Apparently he is credited with starting Advent wreaths and Christmas trees... also something about Christkindle the person we now know as Santa Claus??? But I didn't quite understand what he had to do with that it still bears mentioning. I guess. hahah what can I say it's late and I was up at 5:30 this morning.

I will however be doing more research into Christian costmes and where and how they have evolved. If you are anything like me you like to know the stories behind our traditions. Peace out word to yo momma!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

kiddo craft day

The other day when bestest bud and baby girl had their playday @ wise scrappers we madde several projects. One was an embossed Turkey. What you do is take a flower pattern and copy it on to several diffrent print papers. Cut out the flowers. Then emboss with swirlys in a fall type color. We used gold. Then cut out each petal and glue to a body. thats the hardest part. The body and arms are two circles the head is a smaller cirlcle. then cut out a beak and feet out of orange papers. They turned out so cute!! I let the girls do most of the cutting so they were very much child made.

We also added fun flock for that extra little touch of zing (for feathers)
After they had a change to play and eventually started picking on eachoother. We started a new project. I decided to make a simple Finnish Star with them but with on exception. We embossed it as well with winter wonderland embossing powder.. and bridal embossing powder.  Bestest's side was bridal and baby girls was the winter wonderland. We were going to emboss each one with both but well we forgot. :)

Baby girls side of the Finnish Star

bestest's side of the finish star
Bestest's ended up much more subtle and very snow like where as baby girls was much more obvious and more silver.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Some days baby girl is sweet and obident and other times well... i'll just say she isnt. :) Today she cried all morning to watch Ariel, so since she was a little nuts  and had already dumped out a puzzle, memory, uno and her Melissa and Doug Birthday set I went ahead and turned it on and got stuff ready to jump in the shower. Because you think a 3 1/2 year old is big enough to understand mommy is going to take a shower DO NOT GET INTO STUFF and well I needed a little baby girl break.   I got out of the shower to find she had decided to get into mommy's room and find her good makeup and play with it. All over the outside of my computer. Yep white shows all the brown eye shadow and eye liner really well. I just sighed and put her down for nap. Did I also mention she had found Eldest's stash of hershey bars and ate 4 of them??? Now mommy REALLY needed a break!! So I cleaned the mess up and went and hid in my room to try and read a chapter or two of a book.  I fell asleep. I woke up to baby girls prancing little foot steps so I come out planning on taking her outside to play since it had FINALLY warmed up.. she had gotten into the pantry and ate the girls lunch chips and had drank 3 of thier Capri Suns. I wonder why she never eats dinner now i know. This time she cleaned up her mess and sat in time out. We played some games and snuggled and waited for the bus to get home so we all could play. I went out to meet the bus while she changed into clothes (because we can't take naps in our play clothes we HAVE to wear jammies). Sigh. She colored on the wall with a wipe off marker that doesn't wipe off walls to well. So she got to clean that up as well. We were then able to go outside and finish working on mommy's bike and play THANKFULLY she can distroy all she wants to outside it's not going to matter much. haha. Daddy finally gets home and I decide to escape and get Eldest from her field trip. Daddy sends the girls in to go clean thier room. I get home all is mostly peaceful. Occasionally we get a SHE HIT ME but nothing to major. We find out why. Bedtime rolls around and they are all night gowned up and hair and teeth brushed. Daddy goes in to kiss them and I hear UH OH I think you better come in here mommy. crap. THEY COLORED ALL OVER THEIR CARPET! A 3 year old and a 5 year old!!!!!!! I was SOOO mad. We finally got them all dealt with and FINALLY got them in bed. Poor Eldest is was her Birthday and It was not going the way she had planned... as a matter of fact she had fallen asleep on the couch so no special movie tonight straight to bed. She had had a long day, she was up at 4 so she could get ready for her Montgomery field trip (had to be at the school by 5). When I say she was mad I mean we got the stomping feet and the FINE out of her which she has NEVER done.  However you could tell she needed sleep more than staying up late and there is always tomorrow. At least for her... as for her sisters I'm still not sure.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indians and such

Today was Eldest and middlest's special Thanksgiving lunch at their school. Baby girl found out the
Kindergartners were going to be dressing us as Indians so she dressed up too. In her little house on the prarie outfit. VERY CUTE! She and Middlest has so much fun eatting together. It was sooo sweet. Then we went back to her class and they sang all the parents some Turkey songs. Daddy went to Eldest's lunch since babygirl and I had to head  to work. We had a very important job today. I was babysitting our bestest bud today. It was great! Everytime the girls started getting a little crazy I gave them a new project to do. We made turkey's, stars AND decorated the Christmas tree in the shop. They were VERY well behaved. AND I got ideas for an AWESOME addition to the stars we had been working on. When bestest's mommy got back she and I got down to bussiness making newer and cooler stars. I sooo wish I had not forgotten my camera at the store. So sorry no pictures today but maybe in a few days when I head back up that way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My new little Shark

Tim bought me one of those steam mops because I HATE to mop! Love to vacume.. hate mopping. We have a swiffer wet but.. Well the girls love it more than I do. I just think it skims.. everytime I try to scrub it breaks :). So Eldest and I moved everything out of the kitchen and filled up the Shark. We were excited about the results we got from where the dog's cage sits. It was nasty! It didn't exactally cut through the yuck leaving a trail of clean sanatarty floor behind but it wasn't stinky and caked with fur anymore. YEA!! We went slowly over the stuff thinking the steam would have more time to set in and break gunk up.. not so much. But after about 20 min of going back and forth we had a clean dog area. We changed pads cause I WAS NOT putting that on my kitchen floor! New pad more water AND we discovered you don't go slow you go FAST.. the more you pump the more steam came out! It got all most all of the gunk that collects around cabnits and the fridge. I think a second time will work better. Was I astounded?? Not really,  BUT my floors were REALLY dirty!! It did not get up dried up paint or dye from spilled orange wax, or any of the other stains that have been there forever.  It also does not do corners well.. its a little like a vacume ( doesnt get all the way to the edge kinda thing). I didn't really expect that it would  though. I do think for a weekly or daily it would work better and may even get some of that stuff up. I think two pads are not enough though. I used both cleaning the kitchen. I am excited to use it again. It is lightweight but not flimsy.

one of those kinda days

Sometimes we all need to step back and look at things from a different perspective in order to see things in a better light. I am hoping this is one of those times. Today started out a little crazy as normal. Kids running and screaming that they can't find their homework, can't find socks..etc. Now you have to understand that EVERY evening I tell them to get their clothes ready for school the next day so this doesn't happen and EVERY morning it does. They all finally get dressed and get everything together and lunches made and out the door to wait for the bus. PHEW. Now everything will calm down right?? Wrong.  It has suddenly turned into winter outside. Yesterday was at least in the 70's today it is 45 no kidding. It is freezing and babygirl has grown so much that her ONLY sweater comes to her elbows and belly.. its kinda funny :). So anyhow I head out to Wal-mart to get a few essentials like Dog food and kitty litter. Well walmart has some of the UGLIEST shirts i have EVER seen for little girls (sorry Uncle Oregon but they were). The only ones i could somewhat tolerate look like thermals and were only in 5t so I got 3 thinking that if she grows anymore I'm covered. We then went to see if we could find some for middlest and we found ERIC CARLE shirts!!!!!!!! I bought all three that they had! Speaking of which i need to email Uncle Oregon and he if he has more at his store. Middlest's Kindergarten Class has been doing an Eric Carle theme and has read like EVERY book he has written. You wanna know who he is just ask middlest, she even knows his wife's name and where he lives. Anyways I get all the essentials and get to check out there is 3 lanes open. I can't even tell you how much it annoys me that they have 30 cashier lanes and 3 open, the lines are always packed with SAHM's with full buggies and babies just screaming . after standing in line LONGER than it took us to fill the buggy we get out to the car where Tim calls to tell me not to buy milk and eggs because he already did. Little to late there bud. So we get home and get the stuff put away but we smell something funky. No one took out the trash. We have TWO trash cans both are full! Tim is supposed to take it in his truck to the dumpster since i can't in the van and I'm not supposed to leave it outside because it attracts cats. I do it any how. :P I have to turn on the heat because it is soo freaking cold in the house (the AC had been running). The girls didn't do chores last night so no dishes are washed or laundry AND Indiana decided she was finished with her food and dumped it over the floor so now there is dog food ALL over the kitchen, which is SO messy from those who make breakfast and lunches not cleaning up that I just kinda want to throw up my hands and go ANY WHERE else and say I'm not cleaning this S#$% up and go somewhere fun. I know SAHM's are supposed to have clean houses but frankly babygirl and I get tired of cleaning up after everyone and we just want to play too, since everyone else gets to. So we played Chutes and Ladders and then she opted to take a nap (after we swept the floor cause stepping on things is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine). So now I'm all alone venting instead of cleaning. Which btw I do feel better now hahahahaha AND my mom called and said the Date Nut Log turned out perfectly. Maybe I have a hand for candy after all.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well eldest and I are on our second day of working out which I know does not seem like a bunch of time. We rode 3 more miles today. GO US! We rode the entire length of the southern greenpath. I was very proud of us both! Eldest wanted to go further. I thought I was going to vomit :).  I just have a basic no gears bike and the greenpath was pretty level but by the end I was struggling on those little tiny hills. I forgot that no matter if the seat looks comfy haha it doesn't mean it is. MY HINEY IS SORE!! I thought trying to go potty with my knees was bad enough but nothing is worse than sore knees and a sore hiney! HOWEVER in the past two days I have rode OVER 6 miles and I can still walk! I am overjoyed!!! It's raining tonight but hopeful it will seace long enough for babygirl and I to try out the new bike seat I bought today. In other news my mom's knees are bothering her really badly and with her trip coming up she is kinda...umm having a nervose breakdown :) So I went over and helped her do a little cookin. I learned how to make Date nut bars and her secrect fruit cake. WOOHOO!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

my new bike

This is my new bike. A Huffy cruiser. It is AMAZING! Since trying Grumpa's Townie I have been doing research on those types of bikes. Ones that people with back and knee problems can ride. I discovered that the basic cruiser type of bikes are simpler and easier for those who can't ride any more. We have been looking around and pricing bikes and were dismayed to discover they were WAY out of our budget and that means no. If it cost that much we dont need it at all. Luckily we remembered there is a special store of us budget minded folks. Walmart!! We found a cruiser bike at Walmart for less than the other stores.. to be honest we could have bought 3 Townies for the price of my bike. I was sooo excited!! We went on a family bike ride as soon as we could. Well a girls only bike ride. Daddy followed the little girls walking Indie. I warned Eldest that I may not be able to go fast or far. She understood so we took off and ended up riding over 3 miles!! It was so amazing to acutally be able to ride again! Now this is a simple basic bike... it doesn't even have hand brakes only the baby push backward brakes and no gears but I love it! We will get to be so close in the next few months!

An odd dream

I had a very weird dream last night. It was kinda sad in a City of Angels kind of way. Me and This guy were both students at this school and we worked for this professor I don't know what I was but I wasn't this professors student. I had this terriable crush on the guy but never acted like I did becuase he had a girlfriend and I was well me hahaha. Then one day he started looking and saying things to me that made me think he had a crush on me as well. Those looks you get that make your heart pound and accidental brushes of the hand kinda things that make everything so much more awwww. Any how one day he said he needed to leave early because he said he had something to do but he needed to turn in his paper to the professor. I told him the line to get things checked was really long and he really didn't look at them when so many ppl were there but if I gave it to the professor he'd definaty look over it. He also asked if I could orginaze it for him then he left. So i laid it out and started organizing his papers they were all about falling in love with your soul mate so I passed it along like i Was supposed to. about an hour later a phone call came into the office he had been in a car accident coming back from his girlfriends house. We were all devistated. No one more than me. Then a friend of both of our came into the office and handed me a note it was she said the last page of his paper that he had forgotten to include.. It wasn't in a way it was a note to me telling that he had broken up with his girlfriend because he felt we were soul mates and he had fallen in love with me the first day we met and up until recently he never imagined I had felt the same way about him. I woke up crying. It so hard in dreams like this because Timothy is ALWAYS the guy and just to think that I might lose him just like that kills me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

the dreaded STREP!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thursday morning we woke up to a VERY whiney little girl. Daddy just kinda brushed it off to not sleeping well the night before but MOMMY thought to check her for a fever.  Middlest was BURNING up. No school for her. She tried pleading and begging but to no avail Mommy wouldn't budge. She was very upset with me. As the day went on her whining got worse and so did her fever. Looks like a trip to the Dr. She ended up having Strep. Great. Well we have all been exposed. So today Momma bought the girls the new Tinkerbell movie (Aunt Becky told me I had to) . We laid in bed watching movies and drinking Ginger Ale. It was great! Until we smelled something... Apparently Indiana's tummy didn't like the big special bone I bought for her. It was NASTY. We had to give the poor dog a bath. We left in the bathroom for a few min to dry off while I cleaned out her bed and She had an upset tummy again. Poor thing. She had to get another bath. Good thing she likes water. We finally get to the school and pick up Eldest and she volunteers to hole up with her sisters and watch Tinkerbell again should I mention for the 3rd time today?! All the while all this was going I was making my yummy potato soup. It ended up being a great night but a LONG day and now all I need is a nap.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homemade decorations

These are some of the Homemade Christmas ornament I have been working on. 

A twirly.. make 6 and staple together to form a star!! 

This was supposed to be a puffy star but ended up as a flower star.

A Finnish Star

A cool little ball ornamant 

The finished puffy star

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Cards made at WiseScrappers

These are the cards I have made at WiseScrappers! Classes every week !!!!




The Princess and the Pirate

once there was a beautiful princess...

The Dread Pirate Randi is looking for a viciam...
                         The dreaded pirate captured the poor princess....

The Princess is VERY scared! HELP ME SUPER RO!!


is that a cry for help I hear?

 Hip hip hip and away I go!!!!

Here I come to save the day!!!

Super Ro runs to save the Princess taking the dread Pirate Randi by surprise....

The Dread pirate Randi will NEVER Surrender!

Super Ro will not either..

Super Ro defeats the dread Pirate Randi!!

Now I must do my Super Ro dance while singing OKLAHOMA! 

 Thank You Super Ro!! 

falling again (old from myspace)

I can feel myself sinking again.

Im seeking relief in chocolate and peanut butter.

Taking Tylonl pm to sleep again.

It doesn't help.

The walls close in.

The noises are to much.

The clutter is to much.

I know im the man that keeps asking God for help
but ingores the forms it comes in.

How do you explain that you can't function?

You hide in absorbing projects.

Trying to be normal knowing you can't

Your loves ones yearn for the person that used to

You yearn for the person that you know you used
to be.

Where are am I ?

Why can they not find the Me I should

To those who will not hear (old from Myspace)

Can you be a man PLEASE.

Quit calling me and whining.

If you can't stand up for your
Don't cry to me.

Someone has to get through to

I can't.

I'm tired of hurting for those
love and those who love you.

In this place you can not be

They are not your

They do not want you.

I'm the only person to stand with to

I can not be your only

Be a man.

Stand up for whats right to

When you give in you show him that
you don't care.

Will you see the pain in his

They will shut you out.

He needs you.
What will you do for

You have to decide what is important.


Why is this hard to

I would sell my soul for

You just bend and take

You will not listen.

I will continue to cry.

I will pray he will understand why
you give in.

I will pray for you to have faith and

Perhaps praying is all I can

You will not hear my

They will not find your

They will not find your

Loss of someone close (old from myspace)

Loss of someone close -
t's never fun to think about the mortality of someone you love and share your life with. Today I was smacked in the face with it. I knew marrying Timothy meant that I would probably be faced with many life changing decisions. It was something that made me wonder if loving someone was worth the risk of losing them. I made the choice to love him dispite his health risks and I have tried hard to make his life full. When he woke me up this morning and told me that he had another blood clot and needed to go talk to the doctor I was blown over. I was mad because he didn't take his medicine like he was supposed to or made out a will or any of that other "dying" stuff. More than that though I was scared. Scared that I would not have many more chances to tell my husband what he had ment to me. Scared that we'd never be old toghther. Scared that he'd never get the chance to see our daughters have children. Yesterday we had a great day but it could have been one of the last days I sat on the coutch talking to him about all the crazy things we did while he was at work. I relized that I need to tell him I love him and how much he has changed my life all the time everyday. Timothy is my world, He saved me. When people say live everyday like it is the last. It's from experiance. You never know when you'll be able to tell your loved one you love them again. Say it often and with feeling.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chickens with their head's cut off!!

We went to Nana's house today to celebrate the birthday of one of the girl's Aunts. It was a blast.  It was such a nice day that I talked the girls into going bike riding in front of Nana's house. By the way I have fallen in love with Grumpa's bike it was a Electra Townie. Since i finsihed growing and developed knee problems I haven't been able to ride bikes but let me tell you I found a bike that was MADE for me. now to just convince Tim I need a 1,000 bike! Not gonna happen but I can dream right? Anyways after the girls got bored i suggested that we teach Nanna and our Aunt how to play Chicken in the middle. We had so much fun!! We made a new rule that you have to dance like a chicken when you get stuck in the middle. It added a whole new element of fun and laughter to the nonsisical game that is Chicken In The Middle. We were so loud laughing and joking with one another that Grumpa even came out to see what was going on. Auntie's BF came and ate dinner with us and Tim and I enjoyed watching him get grilled by Grumpa and tortured by the girls. So far he's taking it well.. we'll will just have to see where his intentions lay. But it was a great day and a good start to the week!

Craft fairs and wisescrappers

So this has been a CRAZY week! The WHO club had their 1st Craft fair and my boss went out of town for the weekend. Whoo!! So since Thursday I have been headed to the Church to help set up for the craft fair then off to work at the Shop. Full and busy days but FULL! People at the shop are starting to get used to me being there and well maybe i'm getting used to everything and loosining up a bit. Which ever it is people that come in are sticking around and visiting.  I am having even more of a blast. I've been working on these homemade Christmas Orniamanets and having a blast doing it. I also have an idea for a star ornimant. I'm soo excited. It is so hard from me to stay OUT of the shop! hahah. Anyways I have been working full time the past few days and my house REALLY shows it... So i suppose I ought to clean house this week and get it back to where I want it to be cause goodness only knows Tim might be a great husband and father but he is a BAD housekeeper :) but that is another vent for another day! Have a Blessed Sunday! ROLL TIDE!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bike rides, babies, and books

Yesterday babygirl and I got a little restless to get out in the beautiful day and have a picnic. So I got the bright idea to load up her trike and her baby (the puppy Indiana) and a picnic lunch and head to the walking park that we frequent in the spring and fall. Once the weather is just perfect. We drove around the corner and oh my goodness they have changed our simple little creek walk into a park!! There was a playground, picnic shelters and frisbee golf it was amazing! I couldn't have been more than 3 months since we had been there!! Well babygirl was sooo excited that she could actually ride her bike here like a big girl and went zooming off to our favorite spot. It's right by the creek in an area where the water is just shallow enough to wade and look for frogs and minnows. She would ride a little then call to her baby to come and run beside her. Indiana who has never been for a walk in the park before was just as excited as babygirl all the new sights and sounds!! She had to stop and smell them all. We got to our spot first thing babygirl did was take off her shoes and call Indiana to come wading with her. they splashed and threw rocks and the areas mommy hoped wouldn't have snakes. Once they got bored we sat down and started eatting our special lunch. Babygirl decided to share some of her's with Indie (who looked hungry) and she broke off a peice.. well indie being a dog took half her sandwhich instead. babygirl fell over laughing. It was a great time. Soon it was over and we had to go to the book fair at Sister's school. We drop baby off back at the house and turned around to head for the school. We sign in and head into the library as we look around I see a few familar OLDER faces and realize we are there the sam time Eldest's class!! I whisper to babygirl that this was sissy's class go see if you can find her. Eldest was leaning down helping a friend find a book..babygirl walked very quietly and stood beside her waiting to be noticed. Eldest looked down then got this confused look on her face as to say who are you then she realised it was her sister and she said where is mommy and started looking around laughing. It was great! We all got a ton of new books which are always an awesome thing.Sometimes its hard to remember that its the little things that make us the happiest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

THE dream

The other morning Tim and I get up and see some sheets piled in the hallway in front of the girls bedroom. We just kind of discounted it never knowing why they do the things they do. Later that evening we tell the girls they need to pick them up and either fold them and put them in their room or the laundry room if they are dirty. Well one of our potty trained daughters says they are pee-pee sheets, She had an accident the night before. Tim and I sent the other girls to thier room to talk to this one. We ask why she didn't get up if she needed to go potty. Well she gets her story face on and starts with well I was sleeping and I had this dream... Tim and I CRACK up laughing and say okay no need to go on we know where this is going. She looks at us funny and we assure her that EVERONE has had that dream at least once in thier lives. We have ALL been suckered by that one before. Not to worry just remember if at any point in a dream you see a potty WAKE UP!! Poor child. But i think we have all been there before. mortaly embarrased by that stupid dream.

The tooth fairy mishap

I think I mentioned a few days ago that Eldest lost her 1st molar . Well I'll just re tell the story since I have discovered new info that REALLY caps the whole thing off. Last Wednesday I was at the school hanging out talking to other moms about the field trip when Eldest came giggling out of the nurses office and ran smack into me we both laughed and she told me she lost her tooth finally. Fast Foward to later that night... the girls are all tucked up in their beds and I remind the Tooth Fairy not to fall asleep on the couch before making the swap.  I went to bed and read for a bit then got up and reminded the Tooth Fairy again not to fall asleep. Morning comes Tim ran out the door because he was running late..seems he fell asleep in his chair playing TRAVIAN and woke up late. While Im getting the girls ready for school I ask Eldest how much money the Tooth Fairy left her. She looks up at me and says "well I think the Tooth Fairy went to mommy's house by mistake since I lost almost all my other teeth over at her house."CRAP. I just smile and say i bet you're right i'll call her today to check and she can leave a note for the Tooth Fairy. After I get to work I call Eldest's mother and explain what happened. She just laughs knowing that this particular Tooth Fairy has a tendecy to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. She promices to call Eldest and let her know the Tooth Fairy did indeed come to her house and she will let the Tooth Fairy know she made a mistake. Later that night I made sure the Tooth Fairy placed the money and took the tooth. As far as I knew everything was over until a few days later when I asked Eldest what happened with the Tooth Fairy and if she ever came. Apparently that night when daddy was "checking" on the girls Eldest woke up while he was in the room. He asked her if the Tooth Fairy had come (now you have to realize Eldest is a little like her daddy and has a tendency to sleep walk) she looked under her pillow found the money and quickly hid it in her secrect hiding place so her sisters would not find her money. Then when she woke up the next morning She not remembering ANY OF THIS came out of the girls room very upset that the Tooth Fairy took her tooth but didn't leave her any money!! He looked at her and started laughing and told her that she had hid the money in her secrect hiding place go check in there. She runs back and checks finding her money. She finally remembered getting up and hiding it. Gotta love kids :))

Monday, November 2, 2009

Everyone has a Monday

Today was one of those Mondays that you bounce out of bed and everything is going great. Your precious angels arn't fighting, they are fed or in the process of eatting, getting dressed or in the process of, lunches were assembled all is well with the world. I was so joyful!! Babygirl and I decided to run our errands early so we could have more time to spend together cleaning the house and playing. Things were going well Walmart wasn't very crowded our favorite lady was in the fabric section. We tried to stop by the Thrift Shop but it wasnt open for another 30 min... to short a time to go home to long to sit and wait.... well I guess I can drive around maybe get some gas. Okay drive around and wait... it finally opens we look around.. they don't have any pants in little girl sizes.. dang it!!! However we did find some other clothes that we needed like some cute little sweaters and some dress-up clothes.SCORE!!!! We run to Home Depot and discover the most AWESOME chirstmas hat EVER!! I case you dont know we kinda collect Christmas hats.. the funny kind like the reindeer ears and such. We get what we need and head on home it's only 10:00 we now have the whole day to clean and do chores!!! I check my calendar..CRUD.. I needed to call the Dr. and get some test results to take to another dr. appt. I have this week..This was the start of the downhill slide. I call the dr... i can just stop by the office and sign some things and get my work.. okay I'll do that as soon as we finsih what we are working on. Then Mom calls  she needed me to go and pick something up and bring it to her.. Its fine i got plenty of time to go do that then go get the girls from school. CRAP lunch. okay well we'll get babygirl something on the way. run run run move it move it go go go.  okay got the stuff, get to mom's house it's now about 1:15 we talk about the creepy chester molester contractor .. i look at the clock almost 2.. GREAT just enough time to get back across town and get the girls from school. OH MY GOSH!! I FORGOT TO GO TO THE DR!!!!!! OH MY GOSH NANA HAS MY CAR RIDER NUMBER!!! ( you can NOT pick up your kids w/o one.. w/o going through the office!! ) CRAP! okay rachael it's fine just go the long way home you will be fine! It cant take that long to get paperwork. Truthfully it didn't; it just FELT that way.. especailly since babygirl had not had a nap and was starting to get a little cranky and very arugementive. I now had to race across Madison before my child realised that mommy wasn't there in car rider line, I finnaly get to the school in just enough for her to ball me out for not letting her being a car rider. GREAT! Now I have to sit in front of the school with two crabby little girls in a tiny van that is getting smaller with every passing miniute. Thank Goodness when eldest FINALLY got out of the group and we were able to get home and I could kick EVERYONE outside and finally sit down and breathe!!
It's one of those days you wonder how you ended up in this life.:) Book Fair tomorrow!!!