Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today I hate

I hate everything today!
I hate that my hair feels like straw dispite the tons of conditioner i put in it.
I hate that I sweat so much i have to carry deodrant in my car, and purse
I hate the tea big daddy went and got special for me
I hate the way he cleaned the house
I hate that he took the girls to Krispy Kreme and stunk up my house with doughnut smell
I hate the way my tummy feels like a 30 lbs weight
I hate drinking water all day
I hate that its 105 outside
I hate that the ac is flaky in my van
I hate that im so stuff feeling that I can barley stand to wear clothes
I hate that the only pair of shoes i have that fit feel plasticy and sweaty
I hate not being able to sleep
I hate the fact i take a nap in the afternoon and still can barley keep my eyes open by 8pm
I REALLY hate feeling this way. I know its hormones but i really do hate it. I need a hug. and maybe a chocolate cake

Friday, July 29, 2011

the sounds of the night

You know how you have those nights where you just want to KILL someone? UGH.. Last night was soooooo like that. I have enough trouble sleeping through the night being pregnant then you add other junk on top of it and i'm gong to start getting ANGRY and you wouldn't like me when im angry.
So I am sound asleep at 1am when i start hearing a cricket. At first I thought it was BigDaddys new CPAP machine. The dang thing do so much that I convinced myself that MAYBE it has a noise thing built in to possibly cover the sound of the dang things hissing. NO. So I try to put a pillow over my head and roll over. But then Supernova decides hey momma is awake lets do gymnastics.. on her bladder! So i get up to go to the bathroom.  Well.. someone (BIG DADDY) forgot to put Indiana in the girls room last night so she starts barking.  So now i have a cricket, a dog barking, a hissing CPAP and a gymnast baby to deal with.  I climb back in bed and pull two pillows over my head and all that does is make me hot and start to sweat so i try to concentrate on the white noise of the fan over all the other stuff. Then what happens? Big Daddy rolls over and the seal on his mask leaks. I seriously wanted to strangle someone!! About 4(!!!) am I have finally managed to fall back asleep when BigDaddy decides to get up and turn on the light of his CPAP so he can disassemble it. THEN he turns on the bathroom light forgetting to shut the door. I think i said something nasty before i rolled over. but then Supernova has decided hey she's awake again!! Let's play some more! So i lay still and try to convince him im still asleep. It doesn't work I roll back over only to see this strange hulking figgure standing in the dark in front of my 2nd story window!! I scream and of course it's big daddy! his reply... did you know we have a cricket in here?! That was the point if i'd had the energy I might have actually harmed someone!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Indiana sleeps with the girls now that Genesis is gone. We wait to put her in there until we go to bed so that we can let her out that one last time. Tonight I walked in the hallway after the girls went to bed and even though their bedroom door was open the silly dog was laying down outside their door waiting for Tim to tell her it was time to go to bed! What kind of nut case dog do i have?! First she thinks she's my baby and that her permanent place is in my lap curled up like a baby and now this! I think this little stinker is getting a tad spoiled!!

Memphis planning

If there is one thing the girls look foward to it's trips with Gramma. From the time Middlest was about 3 or 4 months old she's been going on Road trips. Our road trips TYPICALLY are to Kansas City Mo. though before my Grandma Glass passed away we would go to Detroit as well. We do lots of exploring and mini adventures on these trips and a lot of bonding with Gramma. Eldest because of school and summer visitation has never been on one of these.. until now.  We would do local "adventures" that she was able to go on so this is BIG for her. Our Gramma trip for this year is... MEMPHIS!! We have spent DAYS researching where we want to go! The girls are soooo excited! Since it's high summer we are not going to the zoo this time :(, but we have to save SOMETHING for next time right? We are going to Graceland (we've been, listening non stop to Elvis and Eldest did a report on him) We are going to see the Peabody duck walk, The Riverwalk, BBQ on Beale street, the Lorraine Motel, and the glass pyramid. This is gonna be a BLAST! Stay tuned for pictures and fun things that happened!

Monday, July 18, 2011

ugh really people?!

okay so on one of the forums i follow this lady is complaining because her husband who is a stay at home dad has special needs parents living next door. Apparently he can't watch a 3yr old and look after his parents as well. The running consensus was put the parents in a home and stay at home with your kids! SERIOUSLY??
I am not for putting your parents in a home in the first place. I think if we CAN take care of them we should, there are plenty of resources available to help out. I understand not everyone feels the same way I do, especially in this day and age where money and jobs are tight. But i'm sorry the are my parents and I should be the one to look after them. ( I am not saying my brother and sister are not wanting to or able this is just me in talking about :) )
I don't understand why you couldn't take care of your children and your parents. Is this not how traditionally things were done? Can we not adjust to doing both? My mother raised me that you always take your children with you so that they will learn how to behave and/ or act in certain situations.  Middlest and BigGwrl were brought up with mommies volunteer work, meetings, taking people to dr's appts.  ect. and while they do not always behave the way i wanted them to overall they did behave.It wasn't that hard to juggle my kids and my other responsibilities. Once again i know not everyone feels the same way. I just feel like we were given care over certain things by God and we should do our best to follow that.. guidance... perhaps not the best word but i'm on my soapbox here and not thinking clearly. OH and while we are at it.. Please quit complaining about your in laws people! They are your husbands family!! Do you think it doesn't bother him that you hate his mother and tell EVERYONE about how mean and controlling she is?? I know we don't always get along with family but airing it on Facebook and PUBLIC forums isn't the way to solve your problems. Didn't we all learn that lesson from Carolyn Bourne? Okay I need to find some OREOS now.