Saturday, November 21, 2009

kiddo craft day

The other day when bestest bud and baby girl had their playday @ wise scrappers we madde several projects. One was an embossed Turkey. What you do is take a flower pattern and copy it on to several diffrent print papers. Cut out the flowers. Then emboss with swirlys in a fall type color. We used gold. Then cut out each petal and glue to a body. thats the hardest part. The body and arms are two circles the head is a smaller cirlcle. then cut out a beak and feet out of orange papers. They turned out so cute!! I let the girls do most of the cutting so they were very much child made.

We also added fun flock for that extra little touch of zing (for feathers)
After they had a change to play and eventually started picking on eachoother. We started a new project. I decided to make a simple Finnish Star with them but with on exception. We embossed it as well with winter wonderland embossing powder.. and bridal embossing powder.  Bestest's side was bridal and baby girls was the winter wonderland. We were going to emboss each one with both but well we forgot. :)

Baby girls side of the Finnish Star

bestest's side of the finish star
Bestest's ended up much more subtle and very snow like where as baby girls was much more obvious and more silver.

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jennwa said...

I love both. Thanks for sharing.