Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My new little Shark

Tim bought me one of those steam mops because I HATE to mop! Love to vacume.. hate mopping. We have a swiffer wet but.. Well the girls love it more than I do. I just think it skims.. everytime I try to scrub it breaks :). So Eldest and I moved everything out of the kitchen and filled up the Shark. We were excited about the results we got from where the dog's cage sits. It was nasty! It didn't exactally cut through the yuck leaving a trail of clean sanatarty floor behind but it wasn't stinky and caked with fur anymore. YEA!! We went slowly over the stuff thinking the steam would have more time to set in and break gunk up.. not so much. But after about 20 min of going back and forth we had a clean dog area. We changed pads cause I WAS NOT putting that on my kitchen floor! New pad more water AND we discovered you don't go slow you go FAST.. the more you pump the more steam came out! It got all most all of the gunk that collects around cabnits and the fridge. I think a second time will work better. Was I astounded?? Not really,  BUT my floors were REALLY dirty!! It did not get up dried up paint or dye from spilled orange wax, or any of the other stains that have been there forever.  It also does not do corners well.. its a little like a vacume ( doesnt get all the way to the edge kinda thing). I didn't really expect that it would  though. I do think for a weekly or daily it would work better and may even get some of that stuff up. I think two pads are not enough though. I used both cleaning the kitchen. I am excited to use it again. It is lightweight but not flimsy.

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