Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The tooth fairy mishap

I think I mentioned a few days ago that Eldest lost her 1st molar . Well I'll just re tell the story since I have discovered new info that REALLY caps the whole thing off. Last Wednesday I was at the school hanging out talking to other moms about the field trip when Eldest came giggling out of the nurses office and ran smack into me we both laughed and she told me she lost her tooth finally. Fast Foward to later that night... the girls are all tucked up in their beds and I remind the Tooth Fairy not to fall asleep on the couch before making the swap.  I went to bed and read for a bit then got up and reminded the Tooth Fairy again not to fall asleep. Morning comes Tim ran out the door because he was running late..seems he fell asleep in his chair playing TRAVIAN and woke up late. While Im getting the girls ready for school I ask Eldest how much money the Tooth Fairy left her. She looks up at me and says "well I think the Tooth Fairy went to mommy's house by mistake since I lost almost all my other teeth over at her house."CRAP. I just smile and say i bet you're right i'll call her today to check and she can leave a note for the Tooth Fairy. After I get to work I call Eldest's mother and explain what happened. She just laughs knowing that this particular Tooth Fairy has a tendecy to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. She promices to call Eldest and let her know the Tooth Fairy did indeed come to her house and she will let the Tooth Fairy know she made a mistake. Later that night I made sure the Tooth Fairy placed the money and took the tooth. As far as I knew everything was over until a few days later when I asked Eldest what happened with the Tooth Fairy and if she ever came. Apparently that night when daddy was "checking" on the girls Eldest woke up while he was in the room. He asked her if the Tooth Fairy had come (now you have to realize Eldest is a little like her daddy and has a tendency to sleep walk) she looked under her pillow found the money and quickly hid it in her secrect hiding place so her sisters would not find her money. Then when she woke up the next morning She not remembering ANY OF THIS came out of the girls room very upset that the Tooth Fairy took her tooth but didn't leave her any money!! He looked at her and started laughing and told her that she had hid the money in her secrect hiding place go check in there. She runs back and checks finding her money. She finally remembered getting up and hiding it. Gotta love kids :))

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