Thursday, December 31, 2009

our first BBA

The younger girls and I just started our first BBA bread!! It's a cold water pizza dough! It's setting in the fridge right now. heheh. Now I know it's not going to be perfect because I didn't know it needed to set in there overnight, but regardless. :) The girls are excited to eat their very first compleatly homemade (by them) pizza. It's will never be as good as pookieboo's but i'm sure it will be mah-va-less dah-ling. I took some pictures of the girls playing with the dough and will post them and more as the process continues through the day but now it's time for our STAR WARS marathon to start!! Is it so bad the my daughter loves Darth Varder as much as she does? This year look like we are having a fairy birthday for baby girl and a STAR WARS one for middlest. How do you make a cake for that??? NO WAY can I replicate the Millennium Falcon in cake. I might be imaginative but not that good enough. hahah. Ya'll have a great morning!! Will add more on the pizza this evening.

UPDATE: We are on the first of the original STARWARS movies 4-6 are the best but that's just my humble opinion. Middlest's as well.. gotta love Darth Vader! Our pizza turned out good.. we had to contiune to inprovise. We tried to make a bread slider thingy but we failed so we had to use a cold pizza stone. It worked for the cheesy bread but not the pizza though I think it had nore to do with the amount of toppings the girls put on thier pizza's. They said they were the best pizza's ever!! I think i would have to agree my little girls did a great job on the very first BBA bread! Good job pookieboo's!!! Now I just have to figgure out how Big Daddy and I will stay awake to see the New Year come in.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :D I'm now following yours. I love meeting new moms. Happy New Year!