Sunday, December 13, 2009


I didn't realize that I forgot to write anything last night.. although.. I was in no form to be writing last night. Tim took me out for dinner last night. I had one drink ONE and was pretty much passed out asleep 15 min after my first sip. I keep forgetting that alcohol and my medicine do not mix. So yesterday I worked at WS getting things straightened up and wrapping some gifts for my boss I was also supposed to be doing a class yesterday afternoon on homemade decorations. SOO many people that saw them begged me to do a class so I finally gave in. No one showed up. Not one person which was fine right as long as customers came in. I repeat NO ONE came in. Until 3:45 when my bestie T showed up and we sat and talked for what was supposed to be my last 10 min at the shop. I was closing early since no one was coming in and I had to go to Tim's work party. So we just sat and talked since no one was there.. 4:30 rolls around and a car FULL of customers comes in but still no Tim. Tim got there T left so I could work and then leave and well her babies were getting tired and one of them smelled the shop up REALLY bad :). Well the ladies walked around and looked and looked and looked and looked. Which was really good cause they actually bought quite a bunch of stuff and it was my only sale for the day. I just thought it was funny that no one came in until right before I was supposed to leave. I think my boss called them and told them to do that. ( If you are reading this I really do LOVE you ). So we ran home and changed our clothes to get ready for the big company party. The girls picked out a pretty black dress when we went shopping. I thought I looked preg in it until Tim pointed out that I was standing to close to the floor vent and it was poofing my dress out a bit. I was able to make the dress look a little less black. cause I seriously looked like an Adams. So we get to this party and as expected it was VERY hoighty-toighty but it also was not a Christmas party per se but an awards ceremony. We made the rounds talked to some important people then well decided to go have a little mommy and daddy alone time. NO NOT THAT KIND! Tim took me out for dinner at my favorite restaurant and we had so much fun just being together alone, without the kids. It was soooo nice. I wish I could do it more often.
    Today Middlest and I went Christmas shopping and for probably the first time EVER in my life I stayed within the budget. Tim rewarded me by getting my the new Frosty the snowman at BUILD-A-BEAR!! We named him Snowfurry actually Eldest did isn't that the cutest name?!! We went and spend the rest of the afternoon at my mommy's house getting stuff out of the attic. WOO let me tell you i thought I had a lot of buckets! I ain't got nothin on this woman! then we came home and I passed out for two hours thanks to the benedryl I had to take after being in the attic. I know. I know me and sleeping drugs this weekend. We also made two Red Velvet cakes to make cake pops out of tomorrow. yummy!

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