Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Spirit

The stockings are hung on the wall with care. The tree is trimmed. Christmas music is playing. Kids are running and screaming. The dogs are barking. The cat is hiding. It's almost Christmas!!!! yea. Notice that is a little yea and not a YEA!! I have bought all my gifts, they are not wrapped yet. But I still feel like something is lacking. I keep thinking something is missing... we havn't made cookies yet but i dont think that is it. I just cant figgure out what it is. SO today I have decided after church we are going to have family Christmas day. We are going to make a gingerbread house, and Christmas trees... and maybe if I have enough butter we will make cookies.Watch only Christmas movies and only listen to Christmas music. I want the Christmas Spirit to explode all over the house. But I think i need a little Christmas right now!  I'm getting to bogged down with the details of Christmas. Do I have equal number of gifts of all the kids? Where will we be at this time of the day.. Whose house will we be at tomorrow... all that stuff. Yes I think I may even make chili tonight. That is our traditional Christmas meal. OH!! Maybe I'll even talk Big Daddy into going to the mall! What a great way to get in the Christmas Spirit!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the Christmas spirit is what is lacking especially with all you have going on at your home, V's leg, the construction at V's home, and just general chaos. One suggestion...going to the mall will not help spread Christmas cheer. Too much pushing and rushing. Good luck today, I hope the Christmas cheer smacks you in the face!

Anonymous said...

It is sure crazy how the older I get, the faster Christmas creeps up on me! Time flies!
Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

Hope you enjoyed your day and found your Christmas spirit! ;)

Also hope you had enough butter......gotta luv butter........and cookies!

Lindsay said...

My hubby and I were just saying the same thing yesterday...It just doesn't seem Christmasy this year. I think part of it may be my horizontal lifestyle these days, but we spent yesterday watching Christmas movies and eating cookies and milk...yummy! Hope your day got you in the Christmas spirit!

Rachael said...

I decorated my mothers house :) it helped to get someone else in the spirit.
Stephanie: AMEN on the butter thing!! Gotta have a TON :)
Lindsay: you keep that baby safe in that tummy.. do you have Christmas lights or a tree in your room? Maybe that would help?