Friday, December 4, 2009

Where do they learn this stuff?!

My boss at WiseScrappers has been a little loopy this week. She has been trying to get things ready for a craft fair. It has been CRAZY. So here are some funny clips from the week.

Mommy : Babygirl this is your bible page for today. See God sent a special Angel named Gabriel to tell Mary that....
Babygirl : Mommy thats not an Angel it's the FAIRY Gabriel.
Mommy: No sweetheart God sent an ANGEL to go talk to Mary about....
Babygirl : Mommy everyone knows that God sended a FAIRY to tell everyone about Jesus.
Mommy: Sweetheart Gabriel is an Angel. Not a fairy. We need to go color our picture now.
Babygirl: See mommy he has fairy wings so I colored him all pretty.
Mommy : Whatever babe lets just stick it on the fridge

The next day at work:

Babygirl : look I bringed my puff book
Boss lady: OH!
Babygirl and Boss lady : *singing* Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea and frolics in the Autumn mist.. (wait for it)
Boss Lady: In a land called Galilee
Babygirl: huh
Mommy: *laughing* umm Hon JESUS lives in Galilee Puff  lives in HONALEE...
Boss Lady: Oh DUH I knew that!!
Mommy: Hey did you know that God sent the FAIRY Gabriel to tell Mary she was having a baby?

I LOVE my life!!!

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