Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and other foilbles

I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with lots of family and lots of love. Ours certinally was, we had the opertuntiy to spend Chrstmas with my Grandfather who came down from Missori. He's gone home now but we had a great time.
 Christmas eve we had a horriable wind storm. We had the funniest Christmas eve we've probably ever had.. we did some caching on the way to my parents house, and went to church with my parents and Grandfather and then ate my dads amazing pizza.. we hurried up and left when the girls realized that at 10pm Christmas eve with Santa on the way mommy had not made cookies for Santa!!!!!!!!! So 11 at night we are hurring to get cookies made, advent done, and stocking set out. When i realise we also didn't help the girls wrap thier presents for everyone!! We decided we would just pass them out and not wrap them. It was CRAZY!! I did get my Nikon and it is one the most amazing camera's i've played with so far!! I also got the Breadbakers apprentice!! My favortie gift though is a tie between the cast iron flying pig and the shelf my husband built for me just for all my records!! Is that not the sweetest thing? He built me a shelf just for my precious records! Even if while building it in front of the Christmas tree it toppled over and maimed several ornaments. We had a great time! My family decided to take Grandpa out to a local steak house  the night before he left. It was one of those times where everyone is laughing so hard to keep from crying! The kids were excited about going out to eat with Grampa and had not had a nap... they were climbing everywhere and could not sit still. The restraunt staff had taken a crabby pill before we got there. It was just sooo bad, but we survived. Eldest got a geomate jr. for Christmas so we had several cache-ing adventures. The girls all got thier very own micro's and are trying to decide where to hide them. The girls also got thier own computer!! However. In the quest to secure the network I crashed the whole dang thing. Hopefully it's been fixed. I'm almost afraid to try Big Daddy's computer to see. Which is what started the whole thing. IT person I am not!! We finally got wireless again on the girls computer and I am just fine with that for now!! So how crazy has your Holiday been so far??? tell me tell me I could use a good laugh right now :)
glad to be back on line and posting!

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