Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spider web of lights

Wednesday's in our house our one of our FAVORITE days because we don't have homework!! So the girls went outside and played until they swore they were getting frostbite (in 50 deg weather). So I gave them the little Christmas tree and a few left over strands of lights to put in thier bedroom. We were not allowed in thier room until they were finished decorating occasionally they'd some out and ask for things like more thumbtacks or more lights ect. They also were not going to go to bed until it was compleatly finsihed. About 8:30 we finally got the all clear and were allowed to see what they had created. Have you ever seen the original parent trap? The Haley Mills one? hehe Thier room looked like the scean where they boobie trapped the tent. There were lights and strands of beads covering they room from one end to the other!!! It was a crazy circus of Christmas Spirit in there let me tell you!! They were upset that we made them turn off the lights for bed but the airport called and the planes thought we were the airport.. ( actually I have a phobia of the house buring down because Christmas lights were left on all night)  Now i just have to pray that no one accidently hangs themselves when they get up in the middle of the night to to potty!!! 

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