Monday, December 14, 2009

Cake pops

So today Babygirl and I will attempt our first ever cake balls! I think this is a cooking project with her in mind. It involves mashing up a cake and adding frosting then rolling the mixture into balls and freezing them. Does that not sound like a 3 year olds idea of a good time?? Now If I had a new Nikon camera I could take pictures of the whole process just like Pioneer Woman. Hint Hint Big Daddy. :) Now he is saying in his head use the one you already have... well I would but my angels have decided to use mommy's camera again and have walked off with it. AGAIN. If I find it it'll post pictures of the cake pops... they are Red Velvet cake that will be coated in green candy melts the drizzled with red candy melts and will be sprinkled in Christmas sprinkles. HOPEFULLY.
BTW Tim has decided since I won't use the girls' names on here I should call him Big Daddy. This is in no way obscene Its just a name that I started calling him on day out of the blue.

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