Monday, December 7, 2009


 My middlest has what is called Ventricular septial defect which is a tiny hole in her heart. We were lucky, it was in a good place and would not affect her growth or development in anyway. She is in kindergarten and one of the biggest kids in her class. So we were not worried about her development, but we did worry about her catching germs or getting sick. Her Last appt. I was told that at her age her heart would not heal if it had not already. We upset to hear this news but continued to pray for her healing. About two weeks ago we got an appt. card in the mail from Middlest's pediatric cardiologist saying she was due for an appt. This was a little odd since she went last year. The Sectary said to just go ahead and bring her in any way. So we made an appt.  and her daddy took her in since he had not for quite a while. Since her last appt. her heart has healed! I was stunned when they came home and told me! 100% healed! She should not ever have to go back to the cardiologist again! For the rest of her life she will be a normal child and we wont have to worry about antibiotics or germs again!! Well outside of the normal precautions!! God does answer prayers just not always in the time we thought he would!

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