Monday, December 21, 2009

Bless his heart...

As you read earlier Babygirl has a cold. Tonight as she was getting ready for bed she told Big Daddy she needed her meh-sin. He looked over at me and said well which one do I give her? She looked at him and said the red kind. He looked back at her and said well I guess I should give her this one it has an antidepressent in it. Wait. What? Huh? He and I both started laughing and he said I really did mean antihistimen. hhehe. She is three years old for crying out loud she is supposed to be moody and cranky. Bless his heart. Actually this is another day I am SOO glad I married him. He's been at work all day slaving away to bring home the bacon so I can fry it up. Now he's doing the dishes for me. I tell ya nothing sexier. We did however get really creative with dinner. I tried to make Hamburgers.. they fell apart so Tim made a kinda hash with Rice. It was YUMMY. Super Duper yummy. I know it sounds odd but it really was good! Now I must go because it is time for the angels to go to bed and for Big Daddy and I to go snuggle and watch a Christmas Movie. He'll probably make me watch Mirical on 34th street but he did the dishes so I guess I'll let him.

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