Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday on Tuesday

Today was one of those days that goes from bad to good then back down all over again. A normal occurance in our house im afraid. Last night Middlest woke up with nightmares and a slight fever from a cold she's had brewing. Unfortunaly she would not go back to sleep after she had her medicine. My beloved saintly Big Daddy offered to sit up with her and read to her until she fell asleep so I could go on and go to bed. ( Mommy does not do well on no sleep)This morning I wake up to the girls (the two younger ones) calling me because Middlest had stepped in poop when she woke up. Groan. I get up and open the door to HELL. Genesis pooped in the kitchen. I picked it up and sanitized the floor and go to clean my child... what is that on my kitchen floor it looks like ants..crap.. wait are ants Red and Green? They dumped out the Christmas sprinkles all over my kitchen floor. I hand babygirl paper towels for her sister to clean her own foot because I had this mess to get to now.. i get the floor swept before REAL ant's come in and go to help middlest. There is poop on the living room floor from Geneis. YEA!! So I get that cleaned up..wait what is that smell is that CAKE?? HOLY MOLEY WHAT IS ALL OVER MY LAUNDRY AND COUTCH?? Genesis got a box of cake mix and ate it ON MY CLEAN LAUNDRY and COUTCH!! Get the laundry back into the washer and everything vacumed. By now the girls have run for cover I think the steam from my ears scared them a little. Everything is now cleaned up FINALLY! I walk towards the bathroom to wash the poop and cake off of me and squish. More dog poop this time Indiana's. I have many rules in order to make the house work right. One of the biggest is ALWAYS walk then lock up the dogs in the morning!! Becuase they get into stuff and Indiana tried to get out while we are waiting for the bus. I fianlly am able to sit down and try to get my head in order when my mom calls needing me to get stuff for her. I explain that middlest has a cold and is home today and she offers to make her favorite soup for lunch. YEA FOR MOMMIES!! We get dressed and get the soup eatten and come home. While the girls are napping I sucessfully get more cake pops assembled before Eldest gets home YEA ME!! We decide to put off homework for 45 min in order to get this project done. They actually worked this time! They looked sooo yummy. We finished and got homework done before the little ones wake up from thier nap. Unfortunally Indiana starts acting funny.. shivering and gagging so Eldest drags her outside. Our baby is sick REALLY sick. So she and I decide to take turns outside with Indiana and inside giving the little ones baths. I take my computer out on my turn to talk to Big daddy not realizing how cold it is. My screen cracks. My beloved MAC is now dead. My dog is sick. Big Daddy finally gets home about the time Indie has started feeling better and baths are done (figgures don't it). He decides tonight is the night to get TOYS FOR TOTS. yea. Well Eldest and Middlest loved that idea and Babygirl well in thery she liked it until it finally dawned on her she was not getting those toys. MELT DOWN. We just put everything down and decided maybe it would be best for us to come later with just the older two. So now here I am just relived to have the day over. Reading over this laughing at how unlucky I can be yet still so blessed. Thank you God for everything even the unlucky times!!

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Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness what a day! I feel like most of my days are like that anymore...haha! I love how when you look back on such a rough day though, you can always find the good things that did happen during it! Hope the rest of your week is going better!