Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The first day of December!

We are trying to have a more Christ centered Christmas this year so one of the things we are doing is celebrating Advent each night. Doing a bible lesson based on that weeks candle. This week is Hope. I also found a page today that breaks up the Birth of Jesus into 24 lessons one for each night! AWESOME! I got my little ppl nativity in the mail today so during our lesson we talked about Gabriel talking to Zachriah and Mary and then the girls got to act it out with thier ppl! We also made a special shelf just for them so that with each lesson they can add a new part! I am soo excited! It's also pretty neat to go through and diesect the story because the littler girls don't remember much of it so it's new to them but Eldest is 11 and finally starting to understand the story, with out it having to be edited. ' Cause in our house being a Virgin means she hasn't kissed any boys :P Oh I forgot to mention Middlest's teacher actually told the kids the story about Pointsetta's today in school. VERY INTRESTING. Eh? Thank God for the Bible Belt.

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