Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas

Well folks it's almost Christmas Eve!!! Santa is almost here!! I am soo excited I can't wait to see what Santa brings to the family. Not that Santa is everything but still.. just the waiting all day then going to bed knowing something magical is going to happen. I LOVE IT!! Today was the girls first day off school so to celebrate the girls and I spent the day Geocaching. If you haven't heard about it click on Geocaching i've linked it. Anyways we had a BLAST!! We ran all around town looking in the oddest places. We actually did better today than we have before. WOOHOO!! Especially since they were almost all micro's. UGH. Think bullet sized thing in a big park. Big Daddy worked on my Christmas present .. I can't wait to find out what he made me or for him to see what I made him. Which will not be finished because I can't install the printer on his computer. I have it about half finished so it's at least something. He's sooo gonna cry. Oh wait I forgot he's a man I can't say that out loud can I? Anyways We just finished getting ALMOST all of our baking for tomorrow done. I am coming down with the girls cold so I wanted to finish as much as humanly possible in case I'm worse tomorrow. We made Bakalava, Egg Nog Cheesecake, and Pecan Pie. YUMMM. I figgure I can knock out the Sweet Potato's tommorrow with Big Daddy and Eldest help. Then all we have left is the cookies but since we had so much going on this year we opted (I WAS FORCED) to go with all ready made cookies. I figgure even babygirl can make those without my help. So I am not worried.. well I am a little my dad is making his special Christmas Eve Homemade Pizza and I can't miss that!!!!!! So don't panic or freak out.. don't stress.. your family loves you no matter what. This is CHRISTmas. It's not about what gifts you give and how many it's about the LOVE behind them.

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Lindsay said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!