Friday, January 1, 2010

more caching funnies

I thought when eldest caught her good pants on barbed wire caching that would be a great story share as our funniest caching time HOWEVER today tops the cake. As we all know today was football game day. The girls were antsy and well the guys were scaring them with all the yelling and they were in the guys way so I mommy made the decision we would go and do some close caches before dinner. Get the girls out of the way and burn off energy good idea right? Well got to the cache about 1 mile away from Gramma's house found it and moved to another the was really close by. As we were pulling up to it Mom called and said it was about suppertime, to finish up this one and head home. Simple enough. This cache was not going to be sooo difficult.... HAHA I forget this is team pookieboo.. Eldest jumps out and runs to this field and starts looking for a small NOT mico cache... i've alloted 5 min to check around. We didn't find it and the little ones were freezing so we head to the car. Middlest tries to get in and the car is locked. Eldest looks in the window and says ummm we got a problem. The keys are in the car. Well I say that's not so much a problem i'll just call mom and Big Daddy to come get us. Eldest laughs and says well guess whats right beside your keys. CRAP!! So here we are in a parking lot full of strangers a mile from my mothers house where we are expected for dinner. We can't walk back home because we've have to cross "the parkway" NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Eldest points out an AutoZone in the shopping center we are currently near so we run over there to use the phone. Luckliy a young man who works there used to Repo cars and his boss has a lock out kit in her trunk so we all run back and he starts trying to break into... i mean unlock the van :) LUCKLIY he was able to and we got back to moms house laughing about what had happened. We walk in her door and everyone is already sitting at the table just waiting for us. They all got a big kick out it. Big Daddy said it would have been better if we had found the cache but I think not finding it just compounds what losers we were. Locked the keys and phone in the car BUT remembered the GPS and Camera!!!!

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