Thursday, December 10, 2009

My lucky day!

This afternoon i was listening to the local Christmas Radio station (really cause I was to lazy to put on a CD) Anyways they had the lunch time trivia question. This question was soooo easy I thought for sure I would not be the first caller with the correct answer. I kept calling and calling finally the call was went threw. The lady asked if I was calling about the lunch time trive question and when I said yes and she reasked the question and I gave her my aswer. She said congratulation then nothing. Not you are a winner nothing... then she said you'll get 4 tickets to go see the nutcracker, a 100$ gift certificate to a jewlers and a Christmas CD. I was like HOLY COW I actually won!! I NEVER win ANYTHING! NEVER! Not even board games against my kiddos! Plus this evening I found out that a limo ride to and from is included!!
How freaking awesome is that! I have NEVER been in a limo before! WOOHOOO! I am SOOOO EXCITED!! Pictures will definatly follow!

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