Monday, December 21, 2009

a quiet child

That sounds like the perfect thing doesn't it. Until you stop to think about it. I was sitting here enjoying my morning computer work when I stopped and realized I don't hear babygirl. Usually she is sitting with me while I am working.. she is my sounding board she laughes and says you forgot to say dis mommy. However today she is HOPEFULLY playing nicely in her room. I know she is in there i can hear things moving every so often I'm just not sure what she is doing. I envision my little girl arranging all her dollies and having a sweet little tea party where everyone is wearing cute little dresses and everything but then I remember this is Babygirl. More likely she is making a contraption out of doll hair and bed sheets to hang off of the celing. Don't laugh this is Big Daddy's little girl it could happen. As long as she stays off Eldest's bed everything will be okay. There isn't much she can get into in her room that will hurt her. Uh-Oh here she comes... she was making a pawty and she has a surpwise fo mommy...she found a basket and made a hat. Now she is concerned about getting snotties all over her baby dolls. Awwwww how sweet she is worried about giving her dollies a cold.  I love my babygirl!!!

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