Friday, December 11, 2009

Lucky me.. part 2

So LUCKY me turned out to not be so lucky. I found out last night that part of the prize I won was a limo ride right? So I called this morning  to find out what time their office was open, The lady told me then said hang on I need to get someone to speak with you about your prize. That NEVER sounds good does it? Well appaerntly the prize was supposed to have been DINNER for 4 a LIMO ride AND 4 Tickets to the ballet plus the other stuff. The lady gets on the phone and explains that the sponsers called yesterday morning and decided they didn't want to do the dinner and limo thing, and they had FORGOTTEN to take if off the site. Okay thats fine I suppose. So I go to get my prizes and I find out that I didn't actually get 4 tickets for the Nutcracker I got a VOUCHER for 2 tickets with a post it saying they are SUPPOSED to have the tickets at will call. hmmm.. well okay. I'll call them and find out what that is about. So I decided to open up the Christmas CD they gave me. It was already opened. Well the singer wasn't really my style but it's Christmas Music right?! Babygirl and I decide to drop by the Jewlers to see what kind of yummys they have so I can tell Santa what momma wants for Christmas. This was a VERY small VERY hoighty toighty place that was NOT very happy that I wasn't going to buy a 300+ $ anything and get 100$ off of it. I'm sorry but this is Christmas the only people in my family who might get that much money spent on them are my girls, and ALL thier gifts prolly won't come up to that much money! Anyways I got what was prolly the only thing in the store for under 100$ and decided it was time to go to work and quit lollygagging. After I get everything all situated I call the theater.. It is in a whole diffrent city between 40-50 miles away. I need to come before 5pm TODAY to get any tickets I need and they may not have all for if I wait. HUH? Well thats not gonna happen. Of the 3 people that were considering going 1 is a friend who would not be allowed to drive that far, 1 was unable to go becuase of a previos engagment, and Me who is letting down her husband my making him go to his company's Christmas party alone ( not my words or my husbands). So none of us could go and I certinaly would not have been able to make it there by 5pm. NO WAY!!! Even if I had been allowed to drive to a strange city without another person with me! So all I really got in the end is a very pretty 80$ necklace and the ability to call my family members and scream IWONIWONDIDJAHEARMEONTHERADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then to come home and say YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO MOMMY TODAY!!!!!!! Which in my opinion seeing Middlest's face light up and her say "really mommy was on the radio? You are the coolest mommy in the world!" Is the best thing ever.

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