Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peanut Butter cookies!!!

Yesterday afternoon Tim sprung a Christmas Party potluck on me. Being the sweet obedient well mannered wife that I am I offered to make him Peanut butter cookies for his party. Babygirl, Middlest and I lovingly doubled and measured out all the ingredients, mixed them up and lovingly prepped the cookie pans.  Eldest scooped out the dough and placed in oh so sweetly in the oven. We waited as the smell of cookies permeated the air, peeling the wrappers off of kisses that we were to place on the cookies. Soon the cookies were a perfect golden brown. We removed them and gently placed the kiss sweetly in the center of each cookie, and allowed them to finish cooling.   Once they were cooled we gently lifted them off the pan and watched as the dry cookies crumbled. I had forgotten to add two egg instead of one.  However being the joyous loving and creative women we are we quickly came up with a new idea. We would make our dearest Daddy a Chocolate No bake cheese cake with a Peanut butter cookie crust. It turned out so beautiful so we decided to save the cookies another day and carefully covered them and placed them in the Fridge.  If you know our house you know that we never do anything sweetly and gently.  I had a headache due to the weather the girls were running and screaming through the house, and the Kitchen right now is an obstacle course of boxes from all the Christmas stuff. So you can only imagine what it was REALLY like while we were making that stuff.
 After a good nights sleep ( I was heavily medicated) Baby girl and I needed an adventure we needed excitement! We needed PEANUT BUTTER KISSY COOKIES!!!!! Well I DONT need them but the girls love them so... Anyways I'm sure every one knows how to make the KISS kind soo gooey and yummy chocolate-y. We made 2 dozen of the kiss cookies. Gotta make some for the kids and some for Santa.
  We also made Eldest' favorite they are called PB&J cookies I just made them up but i know everyone has something similar. You make a indention in you pb cookie blob on the pan and spoon in some Jelly ( we ALWAYS use strawberry) then cover is slightly with another bit of cookie dough. We don't cover it all the way because we want people to see the jelly. They are soooooo good!! The only down fall is you HAVE to wait for them to COMPLETELY cool before eating one. That jelly gets HOT!  Don't they look soooo good?
I can hear them calling from the kitchen.. I will not heed their call. I think it's time for a movie... somewhere where I can not smell the cookies.

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Michelle said...

I'm having the worst time leaving a comment on your blog tonight! It's probably on my end though, so don't worry about it.

Love the big chocolate kiss in your peanut butter cookies!