Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to do?

My middlest is having her first overnight alone with her gramma, Eldest is over at her mothers house and once again it's just me and babygirl. What did we do to celebrate? We bought a cheap meal at the mall and played then we went to go see the new disney princess Tiana. We liked the frog princess, the music was amazing but.. I didn't really LOVE it. Sorry. To be honest it kinda scared me hahah babygirl spent half the movie in my lap hiding from the shadowmen. If you haven't seen it think GHOST (the movie). I did how ever like the message that the movie had in it. In terms of role model Tiana is right up there with Mulan (in the Disney world). I just thought it was a bit nightmare inducing. I also got to meet an internet/ fellow Geocacher for the first time IRL. Today has been a nice relaxing day. The kind of days that are fun and enjoyable not hurried and stressed out. It reminded me that sometimes I forget I need to SLOW DOWN and not rush everywhere. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. WOOHOO another year will soon be passing us by. I have not decided if that is good or bad hahaha. We have no plans thus far and to be honest I'm fine with that. I borrowed the girls favorite movies from my friend and I think we will have home made pizza and a Star Wars marathon!! WOOHOO! I hope you guys have a GREAT New Years Eve. I am heading off to bed to watch one of my favorite movies GiGi. I LOVE how in the end she turns a "playboy" into a man to marry!

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